Thursday, 11 August 2016

Why Sleeping is Important?

How much sleep do we need?
Do you know how important sleep is? It really depends on what age you are. The older you are then less sleep you will need. Baby sleep 14-17 hours at night compared to adults they need 7-9 hours a sleep.
Baby almost sleep throughout the whole day!! When we sleep early we wake up refresh but if we sleep really late then you may as well be exhausted and moody throughout the day. Sleep is very important because it can help heal and repair your heart and blood vessels.
What happens to our bodies when we sleep?
When we start to sleep there is a cycle in our body that makes us go into a deep sleep and into a lighter sleep. Once we fell asleep we start to go into a deep sleep then after a while we start to get into a lighter sleep, that”s when we start to dream. Scientist found out when you move your eyes really fast under your eyelids it means you are dreaming. The different between deep sleep and light sleep is deep sleep is a normal and light sleep is when you dream about different imagination.

Tracking 24 hours to tell us when we sleep?
When we sleep we have a clock inside our body, not a really but a clock that tracks 24 hours. This clock helps us to wake up in the daytime and sleep in the night time. Once we travel to another country we have to adjust the time Zone so that we can wake up at the same time in the day and sleep in the night. Sunlight and darkness also allow our bodies to reset themselves to match the new time zone so that we don’t wake up in the night and sleep during the day. This adjustment will take days until the adjustment has been done.

Important step to get a great sleep?
There are plenty of ways to get a great sleep, you can do something relaxing such as reading a book, having a cup of tea or have a warm shower. Turn on the lights as soon as you wake up. Turn off your devices, electronic, games and television before you go to sleep. You can sleep a similar time every night and Avoid bright lights when you go to sleep. Getting enough sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health and safety. Why is sleep important to you?

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