Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Problem solving week 7

Last week for maths we were looking at word problems. We had to show our
working out on the slides.  We had to Identify the equation in a word problem.

Joy goes busking

Joy is going busking but first she has to ask permission to her mum and the council.
She want to go busking because she needs money for the music camp. She wanted
to busk near a supermarket or a skies hire shop because they is a  lot people buying
food and going past. She raised forty- three dollars. But she didn't rasied enough to
pay her hole camp but she had some money that will help her.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Learning how to edit

Sam woke up in the morning, he ate his breakfast. There is a competition at the skate park that he wanted to go to, his mum said no and he was angry. So he went to his room and thought about going to the skate park.. He was angry so he got out of his window and ran to the park., he saw his friends and said hello.

All of a sudden an earthquake came out of nowhere and millions of monsters came out of the ground.
Tevita was Sam’s sister, she was eaten by a monster because the monster hated her, so the monster swallowed her up, I tried to find my mum to save me because she was a superhero. Mum said she was not going to help me because I was naughty so she flew to the moon and then the monsters took over the planet and the earth. The world was surround with a lot of monsters.

I had to learn how to become a superhero to fight the monsters and save the world just like my mum did. I looked around and I saw a lot of people were eaten up.  I grabbed my sword and stabbed the monsters on the back and they all died. The monster’s were defeated. The world was saved once again.

Starting with strings

This story is about starting with string. There is a place called sister Aotearoa
where kid in primary in Otara can join the Otara Music Arts Centre. They play
instrument like Brass, string, woodwind, percussion violin and
cello section.

Thursday, 10 March 2016


This me in the middle. My favourite game is netball and I am Samoa.
I Read the bible and it is precious to me. I love pizza such as other food.
This is all about me.

Nobody Laughed

This story is about nobody Laughed. Aidan walked to school with his new bag
and with his secret thing in them. As he looked around he saw that same people has
the same bag then he saw everyone in the school has the same bag. They went to
class.There class was going for the run and everyone put there bags on the floor.
Everyone had the same bag. When they come back they were not sure which own whose
there. Mr chalmers had a idea to check each bag and see what was in them. If he had
 pick a bag he had to open it and see who owned it. They all get to show what was in
there bag. Aidan was last to show what was in his bag. He didn't want to show
what was in his bag but them he did. What was the secret thing?

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Poha: A clever way of storing food

This week last week we were learning about Poha: A clever way of storing food.
The Maori they use seaweed to make containers to cook there food in it, use it
to make bags and floats for fishing line. Even they make it for life jacket. They
find the ones that are the right size and that can make the shape of a bag. They
find the seaweed in rocky places and near sandy beaches.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Thinkboard Master

I am learning about think broad. I am finding a strategy to solve my solution.
How would I work this out? As you see on my think broad I find 10 other
ways to make a question that equals to 2.14 . I also showed my working out.

Friday, 4 March 2016

FiaFia show

There will also be food and drinks to buy at the store at the pt England court.
Enjoy our show

Ptengland FiaFia

Remember to come along and support your kids at Fiafia on the 7th of April 2016

The Tui family and there lost's

This morning the whole school walked to the hall for Priscilla's Tui lost’s. Priscilla was a wonderful women, she was lucky and had beautiful kids. She was also a hard worker and was busy some time but she was all there for  her netball team, her rugby team and there for her 5 kids. There name’s are Raewen, Rowana , Cruz , Oille and the youngest Ofili. The Tui family were there to support and so as the whole school. Mr Burt said that we should go back and not be sad. We will remember this kind, loving women. Mostly she was like a mother to most of the kids. I like to thank the Tui family for their  loving heart for there lost.God bless to the Tui family and we will give all our love to you all. Have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Alphabet addition - week 4

What I have been learning about was alphabet addition. I am solving what
test = in the alphabet. I am searching which letter equal test all together. Find out in
my presentation on slide 2.