Monday, 1 August 2016

Best Mates

This my T.O.P.S about a story called "Best Mates". The orientation is at school
when Mana and Jackson his best friend is eating there lunch. Jackson tells Mana
about his mum getting a new job and that he will be moving. Mana mum was going
to have a baby and mum and dad thought that Jackson can be replaced with a baby
brother or sister but Mana didn't won't a sister or brother to replace his best friend.
Nana come over to Mana house and said that Mana was so stinky. Nana told Mana
about her and her younger brother catching some eels. That made Mana thinnk that
a youger slibing can be a best Mate. That night Mana went to sleep and had a dream
that he was playing Football with he younger brother and his dad. Mana dad was on
the other team and Mana and his younger brother was in a team. Mana  throws the
ball to his little brother and steps his dad a score. What is it like to replace's a friend
with a new sibling?

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