Monday, 22 August 2016

Saia and Gabriel trip to silicon valley

Last week Gabriel and saia came to talk about their trip to silicon valley in california. Saia and Gabriel had been picked to go to california to explore different apps store such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, stanford university, Twitter, Alcatraz, inflection, apple, yelp, Khan academy,Ideo Instagram and xero.

They went on a tour in a prison called Alcatraz which was the best jail in the world but still is in America. They shut down this prison because three men escaped from jail but they were never found. The prison was surrounded with water which had sharks. People didn’t know if they were dead or alive because they might of been eaten from sharks or survived by swimming to the nearest land. I really want to go and visit Alcatraz because I really Iike to know more about how the prisoner escaped and what they do all day in prison.

Gabriel and saia inspired me to visit around california because it sound really fun since they get to stay in a cool hotel and go to different places in california. They even went to the Golden gate bridge. There message to us is to set a goal and think ahead about it and think if you are doing the right thing so that you can be at your goal. This is also an inspired message to younger kids to set a goal and dream big.

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