Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Boys2Men Press Release

This is a presentation telling you about all the information about who was the
director and producer, what who the area the place has been film and heaps
more. Check it out!!

Brainstorm about From Boys 2 Men

This an movie that we watch. It is about a boy was run away from home and
lived in the streets when Johno found Malaga in the streets. Johno run away
from his home to along time ago. Johno and Malaga were lived around the
streets until they were 15 years old. Johno had bushes hair and he was short
Malaga had long hair and look tough.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


This what I learn in the past. I learn about measurement. When you measure you
use a ruler. For example you are making a cake a it needs 400 litre and you only
have 150 how many do you need. Answer: 250 liters

Recount of Aspiration speakers

Kenese and  Arizona came to pt England to take to the year 7 and 8 about what
they had done all there lives. Arizona was a girl who was a head girl at Epsom,
that inspired me to work hard to be one when I grow up and go to college. Kenese
talked about how to choose the right path even though you go through trouble and
you should get advice and do the positive things. Arizona has thought us to
work hard, share happiness and Dream big

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Taonga Puo

This week I have been learning about Taonga Puo. It is a story about the instruments
the Maori use for something special or something in danger. There are a lot of
instruments they use such as Koauau, Putatara,Putorino, Pukaea and Gourd.
One of the instument is Pukaea. It is a instrument that warns the Maori if there is
a war coming.