Friday, 12 August 2016

Gymnastics at the Rio Olympic

It’s the final day for the Gymnastic Rio Olympic competition and we are up to two contestant. Who will won and who will lose? Let’s find out!!

The Judges take their seats and the first contestants walk up to start at the platforms. “Her name is Sena and she is 16 year old and she came second place last year and got silver medal.She has been dancing since she was 4 years old and She is representing England but she lives in New Zealand.Her competition is a 14 year old girl who goes to the same school as her and this year is the first time she has been competing in the Rio olympic, Her name is Jolie cathron who has been dancing since she was 2. Wow!! Ok Malaki let get back to Sena. Sena takes her position and start to move by flipping around the mat and lumping up to the handlebar spinning round and round. So far she is doing great says “
( K.C Judges)”. Ehh is falls on he left feet and get back up. She does a cartwheel and these a double flip. That was some nice landing. Know the judges give their score. 6 from Tina, 4 from Malaki, 5 from Juliet and 7 from K.C. The total score is.... 22 points out of 40.

We will be back in 10 minutes!! Now we are back and Jolie has taken the stage. She looks confident and is determined to get gold medal this year. ( Slow music) Jolie spinning on one feet three times and jumping in the air doing the splits.  She start doing a double flip and a cartwheel then she lands really well on a another double flip. Know the Judges give their scores. Malaki 9 , Tina 10, Juliet 8 and K.c 10. That was a great score for Jolie. Now the Total of her score is 37 out of 40. Jolie cartin won the 2016 Rio Olympic medal and is jumping with joy. “This is the first time ever she has entered the Olympic and get Gold all ready.

Know for the contestants to get there awards. In 3rd place is Gemmer Johnson from U.S.A, In 2nd place is ceremony Sena clark from England, In 1st place is Jolie cartin from New Zealand. “Wow taking the Gold medal home these feel Good” ( Speakers) Now for the National Anthem ...
( Anthem)  How is it feel Jolie Cartin to win a Gold medal, well it is amazing even for the first time entering  in the olympic and I thank my couch, my family, friends and Fans for everything. “Do you think you will came again in 2020”? Mmm yes . Okay bye

In the Rio Olympic this year there will be many of countries going and competing other contestants. In this story it is about a girl name Sena who is a bully and a dreamer queen and a Jolie who goes to the same school as her and it’s the first time she enter in an Olympic. This girl Jolie came first place. This is the message to our New Zealander to try there best and go for Gold.


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