Friday, 8 July 2016

Activeities 1 -Winter Learning Journey

Imagine if I was running in the Ancient Olympic competing in the running marathon before Jesus was even born, I would feel like I am dreaming.The first Ancient Olympic was in the 776 BC . I would love to compete in the running marathon because I love running but back then women won't allowed to compete in the Ancient Olympic. The first Olympic games that women could play in was in 1900. In the ancient Olympic Games there were only three running events back then. The athletes had to run from one side of the stadium to the other side. The diaulos was a middle distance race. The athletes ran two lengths of the stadium. The sport that I won't want to play in if I was allowed is wresting and boxing because it looks very dangerous and someone would get seriously hurt. The reason I picked this sport is because I love to stay fit and it is great for your health.

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  1. Hello Revival!

    I am so, so happy to see that you have joined our Winter Learning Journey programme this year. It was really interesting to read your first post and to see that you would choose running as your sport. I would have chosen the same activity if I was alive 2792 years ago. That is such a long time ago, isn't it? It's quite hard to imagine what the world was like that many years ago...

    I am certainly happy that times have changed, however, and we (as girls) are now allowed to compete in the Olympic Games. It seems only fair to me that both men and women should have the same opportunity to participate and to represent their country. This year I will be watching the Olympic Games with interest and cheering for the men and women from both New Zealand and Canada (my home country). Will you have the opportunity to watch any of the Olympic game coverage this year?

    I hope so! Looking forward to checking your blog again tomorrow to see if you've had time to complete another activity.

    Cheers, Rachel


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