Thursday, 4 December 2014


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Jesus is Born

One early bright sunny morning along time ago there lived a woman named Mary.  She lived in a city by the name of Nazareth. Mary was married to a man named Joseph, he was a carpenter.

Suddenly  an angel appeared in front of Mary with a message from God saying that she was going to have a baby named Jesus. She was surprised and ran to tell Joseph the news. He was surprised to hear the news and in his dream an angel appeared and said to look after mary as she was going to have God’s child. So Joseph did as he was told.

Mary and Joseph went  to a city called Bethlehem, they saw it was too full. So mary and Joseph asked a man if there was a place to stay for the night. Joseph then brought up that mary was going to have a baby.  So the man offered a place in the stable. They were so glad they got to stay there because there was no other place for them to stay. Even though they were in a stable with animals and it smelt as smelly as a socks, they were still glad.

The Birth
Jesus was born and he looked as sweet as honey. There were three wise men that knew Jesus was born. So on that night a bright star appeared and the three wise men followed it and it led them to baby Jesus. The three men gave him gold, frankincense (perfume) and myrrh. Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus lived happily ever after.  

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014
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