Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Launching your Future

Today we had a guest speaker, Mr Patterson come and talk to us about launching your future. He talked about the word A + I = M which stands for aspiration, Inspiration and motivation. This means Aim for success. We learnt to be a giver instead of being the person who likes to take and think about themselves.

One of the story Mr Patterson discuss with us was about a 11 year old student from Manurewa Intermediate who found a homeless man crying beside the Lea bank shop. He stopped by to see if he was okay. The homeless man respond saying that he lost he's job, his marriage and had no where to stay.  Uili the 11 year old student gave the homeless man his lunch money and lunch for two weeks without telling anyone. Everyday Uili would visit the homeless man. One day the homeless man walked to school with Uili and told the school about the kindness he had been doing. Uili was rewarded with a golden certificate which is only handed out once a year for the kid who does the most kindest thing. 

We talked about what our dream job would be in the future. You have to set a goal for you to succeed. If you want something you have to work hard and earn it. What do you want to be in the future?


  1. Hi Revival,
    It's great to see you engaging in these inspiration talks. I remember that story about Uili and it came in the newspaper and on the news on TV. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Keep up the great Revival and never give up.

    From Miss Lavakula

  2. Hi Revival,
    I enjoyed reading your post...
    We can all be inspired by Uili's actions to help others...
    I'm glad my talk has inspired you.


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