Friday, 26 February 2016

Identify the T.O.P.S

Walt:Identify the T.O.P.S of the following narratives.

Title - What is the title of your story
Orientation - Sets the scene with who, what, where, when.  Captures the reader’s interest.
Problem - What problem or issue disrupts normal life and needs a response from the character(s).
Solution  - How is the problem solved or attempted to be solved.

Orientation -   Sets/ The story is set in the forest ,The character are Goldilock and the three bears, The bears went for a walk in the forest,They lived in the forest, In the mornings.
Problem - Goldilocks eats the porridge on the table but she does not think before she ate. She ate food that did not belong to her, that means she was stilling.
Solution - The three bears came back and saw her sleeping in  baby bear bed fast asleep. She wake up and saw three bears. She was scared and then  run out of the house and never came back again. So the three bears lived happily ever after.  
I am learning about how to write T.o.p.s . T is for tittle,o is for orientation , p is for problem and s 
is for solution. I read a book about Godilock and the three bears. Check out what I have be learning. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Rainbow end and the spooky mystery

     Rainbow end and the spooky mystery

On a normal  Saturday it was Mary’s birthday. Jessie  and Liz decided to celebrate Mary's birthday at rainbow end her favourite place. They went in the car and raced to rainbow end. They were excited to try a lot of ride. They did not know that they was a dangerous ride which was the roller coaster.

They walked around and look at other ride. First they went on the spooky long ride. They sit on the seat with their seatbelt buckled. The ride started moving along. The long started to move along. It was darked, creepy and scary. The wheel on the left where Jessie was it kept squeaking. It was a quiet ride.

Then all of a sudden the ride went so fast it went out of control.The ride was endless and it made them dazes and sick and scared. Then the ride stop really quickly and boom the ride was about to go downward when the 2 wheels on the back break. They all took off their seatbelt when Mary’s seat belt was locked tightly.The girls screamed for help as loud as they could.

Someone heard a loud voice at the end of the long ride. He went in and walked on the track. The ride started move fasted again but only Mary was on the ride and the girl went for help. The ride went past Jessie  and Liz and the boy who came to help heard a sound coming closer and closer when he moved to the side and the ride stop right in front of it. He help Mary to get out of the seat belt by pulling it so hard and then it break she was free and thank the boy for his help. Jessie and Liz found Mary free from the seat belt. Liz said “are you OK” Mary said yes. So they went and walk out of the spooky underground

They deceived they should go on one more ride before they lefted which was the roller coaster . They went on and the ride went up and down and they lifed there hands in the air. The ride was like a hula hoop. They laughed and had lots of fun expected for the log ride.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Writing a Narrative 2

The Mystery Legend
Early in the morning Rosey text her friends Jeff, Noah, Berry and Jane to meet at the woods to go camping. They packed their bags and left the house. They arrived there and started to put 5 of the tents up. They  each had a tent to sleep in. They were in the middle of the wood. It was dark and the trees were tall so they couldn't see that much light. Jeff brought a volleyball net to play with and a rugby ball. They played volley 2 on 3, girl vs boys. Jane severe the ball and it went over the net. Back and forth the ball went. It was bedtime so they packed up the games and went to sleep.

It was darked and spooky. They had finished putting up their tent so they decided to go hiking in the night. Jeff and Noah packed the food , Rosey, Jane and Berry made sure nothing was left behind.They had fun one the first day, they laugh and talk while they walked.Everything was fine and no one was hurt on the first day. They stop for snack time. Time to explore more jeff said. We still haven't got to the end of the woods.

They walk about 2 hours until it was 3 o'clock in the morning. There legs were very sore so they walked back to find the tent.It was to dark to see anything. They tried to get access to the google map but there was not resection. They heard a roar and a big foot step. They were all scared . The boys lead the girls to the footpath. All of a sudden ‘’roar’’ .  Jeff said what was that noise. We better get moving. They all run off as the Legend was chasing them. There were big sound of footsteps getting closer and closer.

It was 6 am in the morning and they could she a little light at the end.  They follow the light and they were out. No more sound or footstep of the Legend. The Legend name was Big foot. Rosey, Jeff, Jane ,Noah and Berry near saw the Legend again.The tent was left behind along with there clothes, Volley ball and the rugby ball. Luckily they packed the food.  They  near wanted to camp outdoors ever again.

The bat

Tom's feelings
What happens?
How does Tom feel?
How does Tom show this feeling?
i) Tom sees that it is his turn to bat.
He starts shivering
ii) Matt pitches the third ball to Tom (page 47).
He closes his eyes
iii) Tom runs past third base.
He is smiling

b) Fill in the chart below to show how the pitcher, Matt, feels at different times in the story, and how he shows these feelings.

Matt's feelings
What happens?
How does Matt feel?
How does Matt show this feeling?
i)   Matt pitches the first ball and Tom misses it.
over joy
because he had miss a chance of hunting it.
ii)  Matt pitches the ball the third time and Tom hits it.
Because he might get a home run and win for his team which he did.
iii) Tom says to Matt, "Winning isn't everything."
He stump of with a angry face.
I am disturbing  what matt  and Tom is feeling in the story. They are playing softball and they are in
 different teams. Matt is jealous when Tom hut's the ball. A the end Tom's says winning isn't everything.

Torty the lucky tortoise

I am learning about torty the lucky tortoise. He is a tortoise that has a big shell on
it back. A solider saw a tortoise walking on the ground while a gun carriage was
coming by. The solider run to grab the tortoise when it was to late and it get ride over.
The tortoise had two deep grooves on it's shell. Lucky the tortoise was still alive .
The solider took the  tortoise with him back to New Zealand.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Letter for Miss Berry

Dear Miss Berry,

Welcome back to school for 2016. I am looking forward to know more about the teachers and the year 8 student. I was a little nervous about coming to enter our new room. I also miss our year 6 teacher last year. This year I was excited to see my friends to.

When I was young?
I was born in Auckland hospital. I grow up with  four sisters and two brothers. My Sisters and I love playing with our 2 kittens inside and outside.They are very naughty and cute .We have been living in our house for the past 20 years. It very old but we still like living there. My older sister died when she was two, I didn't got to mate her. Now she is 19 years old.

My Talent and hobbies?
I love singing in my house or in the room. I'm really shy when I sing in front of an audience or my family. I like to play sports at school such as netball, Rugby, Ripper rugby and cricket. My favourite subject is maths and art.

I love to see and learn more around our space. Looking forward for this year. I can’t wait for amazing trip this year.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016