Tuesday, 31 March 2015

School Picnic

Imagen birds singing, butterfly flying ,sandy sand, waves moving, and a hot sunny waiting to have a picnic!!! Do you know what days it was?Let me guess It Picnic day!!! The past few week our school walked down to pt england beach to have a picnic.As we walk throuht the school gate I was all ready exied and chating with me friends.

When we arrived the first thing that me Talita, and Seini had played was on the playground.We played and laugh,enjoy the fun times in the hot sun.Soon we wanted to play with clay once I had them on my head it made my clothes dirty.Finally I was finish making my clay ball.As we had finish we walked will me,Seini and Talita saw a tiny little crab crowing on the sand,then I pick it up and Talita put it on the rocks to be safe.

What I didn’t like was when me and Heather was singing in front of some teacher and students.It was fun singing shake it off because we were all having heap of fun singing and dacing.The funniest dancer was all off us because we all had silly move.I never seen someone with that silly dance.  

Is there any beach you have been to? Will it was fun but it was time to walk back to school.The best part of the day that we had no learning to do and being with my two bestie Seini and Talita.Wish you a lovely easter holiday.

Did you shake your tail feathers?

Mar 29, 2015 9:04:49 PM.jpg

There is a bird that is nosy she liked to poke about among the ferns.One morning, she noticed something out of the the corner of her eye.It was a beautiful,shiny,black tail feather with white stripes.One bird name Karearea is fearless and fearless to bird.This is about a bird that really want a bird feathers.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Year 5 and 6 Camp 2015

P.1                              “IT VACATION TIME”
“It was a sunny day at camp”What is camp like to you?
The last few day the year five and six had camp at Pt England school .As all of the campers arrived we play around and waited for camp to start.When camp had start we all had to sit in our camp group.We walked off to explore our first game.


When we walked over to Town Top Mr Jacobsen told us the 1 intorsion. We had to blow up as many balloon we can until we have finished blowing them all. All of the two team rushed down back to Mr J to follow the next intorsion.Our team placed all of the balloon in the middle of the four cone.   To start we had to make our way through  the board until we make it  to the water fight.When the team grab two balloon we thought them across to the other team.It was a difficulty challenge to get past the ski’s because five peoples have to fit in all of it and we keep falling down.

The True crew and Matapono E were playing Amazing Race it was not that hard for my group because we finish all challenge but we had to take photo on the ipad so that show we had finish all challenge.We had to throw as many ball in the hoop until you get 100 point,if you throw one in you get 2 point.We have to create a move on the ipad.

When we were going for kayaking we had to wear a life visit and sit with a buddy.Mrs Garden reminded us that we had to “foot bum foot before we get in the kayak.It was fun but we had some crash up as we were kayaking around.To pad around the sea me and my buddy had to use a pad which we called spoon and knife.We had five minture swim at the end of the session.It was freezing cold.

If you were at camp  would you ever want to go back home?Camp is a fun thing that you can do some day.I love to vist the your five and six camp writing next year.By the way my team group was called the True Crew and my two leader were Presayus and Lomio-lee.I’m looking forward to the year six camp in the end of the year.

The Hokulea and Hikianaliu

Do you know why we went down to pt england beach?
Yesterday 12 school of the Manaiakalani walked to pt england beach to see Hokulea and Hikianalia. When we arrived down to the beach we saw there were one waka and one that was coming. As  the waka come in All of the 12 school sang three different songs to Hokulea as they come to see us.And we also done some action with the three song that we were singing. All of the school line up to hi five all the Hokulea people and raced back up to go back to school.We all get back to school and sit in the hall to wait for our teacher to take us to morning tea time.It was fun matingHokulea and Hikianaliu.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


                              Look how many I had done on division but I only got one wrong

Friday, 20 March 2015

Two Trees

Two trees

Walt:Infer and interpret the hidden message in the text.
What is a bank?Not the bank that your mum and dad got money from a bank is a tree that is between a river.One day ,a man planted a new tree next to the old the new tree said that he is going to grow faster then and that he is cooler then him.There was a storm that was coming the old tree was nice and help the new tree by holding it branch but the next day he was gone.In the book called tall tree it say that life is not a race and you have to take your time.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Daisy Data

Walt:Read and share three interesting facts about daisies

Daisy (5981645737).jpgYou can make a relaxing tea with this camomile daisy.These sunflowers are daisies.Their oil and seeds are important foods.This Mexican daisy is a problem weed in New Zealand because it has escaped from gardens and grows so easily that it's taking over land we need for native plants.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Monarch Butterfly day

Walt:Explain the life cycle of a butterfly using relevant parts of text

What is a life cycle of a butterfly ? The life cycle of a butterfly start with a babe egg ,when it has hatch it will eat some leaves every day  a became a caterpillars.After a few week it will hang up side down and make a chrysalis.Then the butterfly will open it wing slowly and come out as a lovely butterfly.  

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Introduction Rubric

It was a burning hot day”..Last Thursday the years six and five walked over to Omaru creek.As we arrived I thought that the creek smelled awful and horribly.We sat down  on the grass with some other schools waiting for something to happen,suddenly a man walked out behind the bin and he maked a pukana face and gave me a frighten look.We went there to learn about our community.

Monday, 2 March 2015

- What Strategy Did You Use?

Walt:We are learning to about What Strategy did You use.
 Do you think that problem solving is to hard?I think that it is a little bit easy.I learnt how to solve answer and different maths thing.You can your working out in word or in numbers.Is math easy to you?  

Yvo&Rev&Talita Probability with Dice

Walt:we are learning to tell the time.
What is probability,probability is a word that mean guessing,guess is if you don't know what the question then you check the wrong answer.List all the odd numbers and list all the even.This answer includes fractions,rolling two different number on a dice and rolling two same number.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


                                           This is how many I get on my Xtramath