Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Utangaro, Ru, and Hape

This week and last week I have been reading story called " Utangaro, Ru and
Hape". This story is about Ru and Hape seal eating Utangaro fish while Utangaro
precious hook was stuck on he mouth. The pet seal get away with it and Utangaro
wouldn't to pay back the seal. So Utangaro went to look for the pet seal when
he find them sleeping. Utangaro killed the seal and the other pet seal escape.
Ru and Hape wake up in the morning calling there two pet seals. Only one
seal turned up. Ru and Hape searched and searched for there other pet seals.
They found there pet seals bone hidden under the sand. Ru and Hape
wouldn't to know who had killed there pet seal so they can Avenge them
back for what they have done. Ru and Hape went to see the God of smoke
to tell them who had killed the seal. Once the smoke turned into a rainbow,
Ru and Hape know straight away that Utangaro had  killed there pet seals,
so they set of to get Utangaro. That time Utangaro was on he's boat rowing
away to hid from Ru and Hape. Ru and Hape saw so they went to catch him.

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