Thursday, 16 June 2016

I luminte

Have you heard of  a crew called I luminate? Well if you haven’t they are incredible dancer.
After lunch time on Thursday the whole school walked to the hall. I didn’t even know who was coming are who they look like. When I enter into the hall they was a sign which had a name on it called I luminate. They were dancer all the way from america who came just to see our school Pt Ezngland. Before the dancer came on stage Miss Nau turned off the lights. My heart was beating with excitement . When they came on stage they were wearing clothes with lights on them. They started doing these awesome move. When they even started they just give me a big smile on my face and they just made me feel really surprised.

 My favourite part of the show was the whole thing, probably they were the best dancers I even seen, Just maybe. They wore LED lights which were attached  to their clothes. They were amazing dancer who look like they came out of nowhere and dance like no one was watching.They were inspiring and very great at dancing. They have a lot of talents.

I can’t believe that they just came all the way from america just to see a school Pt England. I hope to meet them again someday. I don’t really like to dance but this group I luminate inspiring me to dance. Thank you to the I luminate who inspired me and surprised me.

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