Thursday, 16 June 2016

Free writing about the Mystics

          Meeting the Mystics
I can’t believe it, it’s the Mystic!! Last week on Tuesday the Mystics came to our school to meet three teams from our school, Pt England. Talita and Jadia’s Mum Christian won us a competition to meet with mystics on Tuesday, 12.30pm. They came to our school to meet three netball team which were the Force and Jets from the year 7 and the princess from the year 4. The three Mystic netball player where Kayla cullen, Nadia Loveday and Megan craig.I was so excited to train with them. First we done a warm up by jogging up to the line and back.

It was great to see that the three netball mystics player were actually here at our school and that we actually won a competition. First we separate up into three group and had a race between each others group. “I thought my group was going to won.” As our group get ready the person in the front dash of to start. I shouted and shouted with me heart beating. Go, you can do it, I hear from the other team. Once it get to me I ran with the ball going around my waste. When we finished we put our hands on our head. Wow we actually came first!! The other team were all puffing like I was. The other teams had to do 10 push up and my team had to sit and watch them do it.We had 1 hour and 30 minutes with fun training. Before you know it, It was time for the Mystics player to go. So we said our Goodbyes and some Questions.

It was great to see the Mystics and it was fun training with them. They inspiring me to play more netball when I grow up. I hope one day I will be in a team like the Mystic representing New Zealand. They are amazing people that loves netball like me.Again a big thanks to christian va'afusuaga for that win because if you never enter then we wouldn’t meet with the three Mystic players. I hope to see the Mystic one day again.

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