Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The bat

Tom's feelings
What happens?
How does Tom feel?
How does Tom show this feeling?
i) Tom sees that it is his turn to bat.
He starts shivering
ii) Matt pitches the third ball to Tom (page 47).
He closes his eyes
iii) Tom runs past third base.
He is smiling

b) Fill in the chart below to show how the pitcher, Matt, feels at different times in the story, and how he shows these feelings.

Matt's feelings
What happens?
How does Matt feel?
How does Matt show this feeling?
i)   Matt pitches the first ball and Tom misses it.
over joy
because he had miss a chance of hunting it.
ii)  Matt pitches the ball the third time and Tom hits it.
Because he might get a home run and win for his team which he did.
iii) Tom says to Matt, "Winning isn't everything."
He stump of with a angry face.
I am disturbing  what matt  and Tom is feeling in the story. They are playing softball and they are in
 different teams. Matt is jealous when Tom hut's the ball. A the end Tom's says winning isn't everything.

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