Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Rainbow end and the spooky mystery

     Rainbow end and the spooky mystery

On a normal  Saturday it was Mary’s birthday. Jessie  and Liz decided to celebrate Mary's birthday at rainbow end her favourite place. They went in the car and raced to rainbow end. They were excited to try a lot of ride. They did not know that they was a dangerous ride which was the roller coaster.

They walked around and look at other ride. First they went on the spooky long ride. They sit on the seat with their seatbelt buckled. The ride started moving along. The long started to move along. It was darked, creepy and scary. The wheel on the left where Jessie was it kept squeaking. It was a quiet ride.

Then all of a sudden the ride went so fast it went out of control.The ride was endless and it made them dazes and sick and scared. Then the ride stop really quickly and boom the ride was about to go downward when the 2 wheels on the back break. They all took off their seatbelt when Mary’s seat belt was locked tightly.The girls screamed for help as loud as they could.

Someone heard a loud voice at the end of the long ride. He went in and walked on the track. The ride started move fasted again but only Mary was on the ride and the girl went for help. The ride went past Jessie  and Liz and the boy who came to help heard a sound coming closer and closer when he moved to the side and the ride stop right in front of it. He help Mary to get out of the seat belt by pulling it so hard and then it break she was free and thank the boy for his help. Jessie and Liz found Mary free from the seat belt. Liz said “are you OK” Mary said yes. So they went and walk out of the spooky underground

They deceived they should go on one more ride before they lefted which was the roller coaster . They went on and the ride went up and down and they lifed there hands in the air. The ride was like a hula hoop. They laughed and had lots of fun expected for the log ride.

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