Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Key Competencies - Reflection

Do you know the 5 key competencies ?One of the competencies is managing self. If you are doing managing self you can read a book quietly.Another way to managing yourself is sitting on the mat quietly.I am going to Explain what my key competencies mean.

I need to manage my self and think for some good ideas and how to do my work properly. If I don't clear about something look for help. and participate and contribute in group class and work together and share ideas, using language symbol and texts.

I’m good at  participating and contributing because I joined in my Reading and my class games. I participated in swimming because I listened to the instructions and start swimming in group. A another way to participating and contributing  is to join  cleaning in the class.  

I am not good at thinking when I do
my xtramath and Math whizz when it say 9-10 I’m might have to think really hard.I have pick thinking because When miss tell us to  on the mat I have to try and know the Answer to the word she is saying . Some question is easy for me in math and reading but I have to think  harder.

What key competencies you good at? Now you know what key competencies I’m proud of and not so proud of. Some day you can tell other people what  key competencies mean.

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