Friday, 12 February 2016

Letter for Miss Berry

Dear Miss Berry,

Welcome back to school for 2016. I am looking forward to know more about the teachers and the year 8 student. I was a little nervous about coming to enter our new room. I also miss our year 6 teacher last year. This year I was excited to see my friends to.

When I was young?
I was born in Auckland hospital. I grow up with  four sisters and two brothers. My Sisters and I love playing with our 2 kittens inside and outside.They are very naughty and cute .We have been living in our house for the past 20 years. It very old but we still like living there. My older sister died when she was two, I didn't got to mate her. Now she is 19 years old.

My Talent and hobbies?
I love singing in my house or in the room. I'm really shy when I sing in front of an audience or my family. I like to play sports at school such as netball, Rugby, Ripper rugby and cricket. My favourite subject is maths and art.

I love to see and learn more around our space. Looking forward for this year. I can’t wait for amazing trip this year.

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