Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Ants and the Grasshoper

We are learning to find the hidden message. We have been reading a story about
the ants and the grasshopper. One day the ants where building a house to get ready
for winter. The grasshopper just said laugh and relax, we have a lot of time to do
that but the ants just carried on with what they were doing. As winter come the
grasshopper was cold and the ants where safe and warm in there new house they had
built.The grasshopper ask the ants if they would let him in but the ants said when we
told you last time but you just laugh so why would we let you in. I would get food for
you, I will make your bed when you go to sleep the grasshopper though of a lot of
thing to make the ants interested. So if his want tok stay with the ants he had to do labour

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