Thursday, 20 August 2015

Grass to Glass

Right after the warm milked comes out of the cows, so it doesn't go off, the milk is cooled. When the trucker comes and  collects the milk he measures it to see how much money he would get. They transport the milk to the milk factory.

So that we can make different types of milk like blue milk or even green milk, milk and cream are separated. The workers wear hair caps and gumboots so no hair or grem go into the milk. I’m glad that there wearing them because I don’t want to find something in my milk!

As the milk is boiling in the mechanics, bacteria is killed by pasteurising the milk.The milk is so clean even the sick people can drink it.The temper is 72 degrees celcius which can definitely burn my hand. Lucky for us nothing wrong with our milk.

 The last step is bottling the milk. Finally the milk is bottled, ready for you to drink.This completes the journey from grass to glass. Which milk would you like?
Walt: We are leaning to write about complex sentence and simple sentence.

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