Monday, 28 August 2017

Speech Final - Team 5

Last week on Friday we held a speech competition in our team 5 street. Everyone sat in the street waiting to hear all the wonderful speech's the contestants wrote which were from each literacy class. 
All the contestants including me sat nervously on the chair feeling like our head's was gonna exploded. 
The first person to present there speech was Amelia. Her speech was about how her nana away's smiled when she came to clean up the school at Riverina. Until one day her nana became very ill and stop coming to clean up the school. Sadly her nana pass away, Amelia then realize the reason her nana was smiling was because her nana away saw her sweet, sassy grand daughter Amelia.

My Favourite speech was Yvonne's one. It talk about tips about how your interested in learning but your not. Tip number 1# was to sit in the front of the class room so the teacher thinks you are listening. Tip number 2#  just put your hands up even though you don't know the answer, but there will always be that one person who call out so just pretend that was your answer the whole time. I really like her speech because she presented her speech well and it something you can do to trick your teacher in pretending that you interested but you not. 

Out of 15 students student who present there speech every single speech was brilliant. Between these 15 speech finalist there are going to be two out of those different people who will present there speech in front of the whole. Good luck to all the speech finalist.

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