Thursday, 17 August 2017

Speech_ Highschool

                              Being the juniors again   

Highschool; Even the thought of it makes me shiver.
You first walk into high school you have a sinking feeling you’re gonna get bullied. Everyone staring at you with their evil grins. Seniors towering over you, making you feel like an ant in a classroom.
Trying to find your way to all your different classes, feels like a mouse running through a maze. Lugging your heavy bag around all day, feeling like your neck is about to break.
Well most people think that for a reason.
You don’t fit in, you’re dumb and you’re not popular at all!
Luckily for you, all the stuff I said is not true! It might be how you feel on the first day, but that feeling won’t last!

Starting high school can be really hard but there are positive ways we can start high school off well.

Meeting new friends and teachers is a great start off your first day. Saying something positive to people about how their new hair looks or how they have nice teeth. (Which would be weird to say.)

It is nerve wracking being the juniors again, after being the leaders of the school for so long. Just like the day you first started primary school. I bet all you boys bawled your eyes out.

But high school might not be so bad after all.

You thought for a second that was the only good things about high school. Well you're wrong. Think about the tuckshops where your stomach leads you to it. Where all your money goes but leaves you with a good feeling in you stomach. Think about the different classes that you will attend. Classes you may have never heard about but will eventually may be your  favourite subject in high school. Luckily there are heaps of subject that you can pick from so that there’s not only reading, writing and maths to learn about and also the different friends you can meet in those classes. How about the opportunities to represent your school in sports, to show others that you don’t only have the skills in school but sports too. In High school you get treated differently because high school is a step up for you to manage your own self. It’s a high school life you’ll have to get use to it eventually.

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