Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Room 5’s Review - Cybersmart

Room 5’s Review - Cybersmart

This is a movie about Pt england student from Room 5 being cybersmart . The key message behind the scene is to be cybersmart at all time and being on the right site on our devices. This is also a message to students to not bring their phones to school. This isn’t appropriate for student  being it will be a distraction towards school learning. This movie is about simon being dodge on his phone during school. Simon, Tamauri, Henry and Taiaha where caught by a group of girls ( Presayus, Rowana, Koula and Allahazy) and  been sent to the teacher Mrs Fosita (Uli) They were put on Rethink. The lesson behind the scene was to be cybersmart.  

The lighting in the film was not consistent because some parts of the scene was dark and some were light. The camera shots were  appropriate because the shot were low and the some shots were fast forward so that it can be more entertaining. The type of camera they used was a video camera. They should've of used a drone because it will look more like a real movie.

We could hear the dialogue of 11 different characters in the scene. The script did not help describe the story well. I think if there was no tile the it won’t describe the script because younger kids won’t understand words like ‘ Gap it eah and   

To be continued  

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