Monday, 16 May 2016

Kahu and Hokioi

Last week I was reading a book about Kahu and Hokioi. Kahu is a bird that
like t hunt big and small birds, Hokioi is a big and strong birds. Hokioi looks
fierce and dangerous. One day Kahu wanted to go and catch Hokioi so he could
eat him went Hokioi move just on time and he saw Kahu. Hokioi was thinking if he
would like to eat him but he didn't. Hokioi said to Kahu that he couldn't fly as high as
the Matata, which is a small bird that mostly lives on the ground and can't fly well.
kahu accept the challenge and off they went. Hokioi was flying higher then Kahu.
kahu saw a mice running away from a fire and Kahu thought he should go and catch
and eat it for dinner for him and has kids. What Hokioi didn't know was that Kahu
wasn't flying with him.

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  1. Hi Revival,
    This story sounds really interesting to read. Why didn't Hokioi know that Kahu wasn't flying with him?


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