Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion assembly

Welcome back to you all to school!! On the first day back at school the whole school gather to the hall for our Immersion assembly. Immersion assembly are always hold when it is the beginning of the term and Mr Burt get's to welcome us back from the holidays. This term the topic is  about " as i see it " which is base on art. There will be lots of art going on around the school.

Team one is all about there favourite thing like chocolate, puppy and all does lovely things. Team 2 is learning about seasons. What is the seasons today? Team 3 is learning about Grand design and architecture. Team 4 four is learning about comic art. They are going to make thing into super hero design.

Team 5 are learning about the waka. During the Immersion Assembly term 5 had a waka race. The waka's are Hokule'a , Te aurere, Hikianalia and Hinemoana. Each waka has a meaning to it. Hokule'a meaning is the Earth and it's ancestors, Hikianalia meaning is the star, Hinemoana meaning is the ocean and Te aurere meaning is about the blood,sweat and the tears. This is what it guide the waka. The waka race begin the waka were ready and off they went. It was a race that was messy. Hokule'a the green team who in the lead and Hinemoana was chasing behind, but it was to late and Hokule'a won which was my team. Miss sadler was racing in the yellow team Hikianalia, Miss berry was racing in the red team Te aurere, Mrs Garden was racing in the green team Hokule'a and Mrs Tele'a was racing in the blue team Hinemoana.

My favourite part would be about the team 5 race. It was funny and messy and the green team won. Are you happy to be back at school?

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