Friday, 4 March 2016

The Tui family and there lost's

This morning the whole school walked to the hall for Priscilla's Tui lost’s. Priscilla was a wonderful women, she was lucky and had beautiful kids. She was also a hard worker and was busy some time but she was all there for  her netball team, her rugby team and there for her 5 kids. There name’s are Raewen, Rowana , Cruz , Oille and the youngest Ofili. The Tui family were there to support and so as the whole school. Mr Burt said that we should go back and not be sad. We will remember this kind, loving women. Mostly she was like a mother to most of the kids. I like to thank the Tui family for their  loving heart for there lost.God bless to the Tui family and we will give all our love to you all. Have a wonderful week.

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