Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Learning how to edit

Sam woke up in the morning, he ate his breakfast. There is a competition at the skate park that he wanted to go to, his mum said no and he was angry. So he went to his room and thought about going to the skate park.. He was angry so he got out of his window and ran to the park., he saw his friends and said hello.

All of a sudden an earthquake came out of nowhere and millions of monsters came out of the ground.
Tevita was Sam’s sister, she was eaten by a monster because the monster hated her, so the monster swallowed her up, I tried to find my mum to save me because she was a superhero. Mum said she was not going to help me because I was naughty so she flew to the moon and then the monsters took over the planet and the earth. The world was surround with a lot of monsters.

I had to learn how to become a superhero to fight the monsters and save the world just like my mum did. I looked around and I saw a lot of people were eaten up.  I grabbed my sword and stabbed the monsters on the back and they all died. The monster’s were defeated. The world was saved once again.

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