Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Athletics day

Last week on Friday the 10th of November we had our school Athletics held on the school field. We were lined up in girls and boys line in years 1 - 8 ready to start off our day. Everyone was dressed in their team colours, even the teachers were dressed. To start of the day we started with a prayer then a korero. After a couple of minutes waiting we were dismiss to go and start our first station.

First the year 8 girls attended the javillian station. Everyone tried their personal best. Watching all the other girls have a try made me have the chills. Waiting anxiously for my turn. Eventually it was my turn to have a go. The javillian didn’t go as far as I wanted but at least I did my personal best. Time went on and the hooter went for us to move stations.  

My least favourite station was the tug-o-war because the green team which I’m in kept on losing from the other teams. Plus it’s sore when you pull the rope towards you when you're playing against other teams.

My Favourite highlight of the day was the relay which we had at the end. The first relay we had was against all the team colours, Hokule'a green, Hikianalia yellow, Hine moana blue and Te Aurere red. The yellow team came 1st, blue 2nd, green 3rd and red 4th. The second relay was against the students, teachers and parents. Us students were the champion of that relay followed by the parents and then teachers. We ended the day off well. After watching the relay I was breath less because it was a close game.

This year’s Athletics was really fun and memorable. Even tho I didn’t places anything I still did my personal best. This was my final athletics at Pt England school and it turned out to be wonderful. No matter what keep on going.

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  1. Revivial
    What a great summary of Athletics Day - I really enjoyed how you stayed positive despite some challenging times, like facing a struggle with Tug-o-War, and making sure that you finised with a really positive message. It was also great that you had the photos of your day - such vibrant colours and such wonderful excitement! Are you going to be going to Interschool Athletics? Did the Teachers compete in an event?
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki


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