Friday, 25 September 2015

The Blindfold Games (coloured plastic balls)

WALT: Recount our experience of the Blindfold Games

 For the past few week we have been playing a lot of blindfold games.This week Class 8 literacy played a blindfold game with plastic coloured balls. We scattered all the different colour ball on the floor and made a larger circle.   We first started of  with five people . ‘‘I thought to myself This is going to messy’’!  

The rules were we won’t allow to take the bucket with us and we had to wear two blindfold before we had started to be fear. When the one minute has finish we won’t be allowed to carry on. There were only five different coloured ball, five blindfolds to wear and five buckets. We all didn't have our turn at the time.

We each had one minute to find as many coloured ball. Once I was blindfolded I couldn't see a thing. My heart beat as I waited excitedly to dash off. There were a lot of noise and cheering around. I grabbed as many plastic ball that was in front of me. I needed to grab the pink ball, as the timer stop it turned out I pick the wrong colours.  

We swap over until everyone had a turn. Again they had to do the same thing as the other.   The timer started and they rashes off, they were confused which way to go.  We shouted yes or no so they know if they had grabbed the right colours.  When they get the right colour ball they would try and come back to found their buckets.

This game was a fun, challenging a noise and laugher game. I hope every other person who played this game had fun especially me. Been blindfold is hard to see things.  For me this was a 10 out of 10 game.

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