Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Revival Eating Worms Recount

WALT: I am thinking about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.
Guess what our teacher made us eat? Chicken noodle worms! Yesterday morning our class got to eat chicken noodles. There were  two bowls in fronts the class and some noodles inside. Just waiting on the kettle to finish boiling up.

It look like soft slipper worms. “Well not really worms”. It was long and easy to eat. Just hope it tastes good.
This is going to be good.

  Eating soggy worms felt weird! But it did tasted nice. The juice was all over my face and dripping down my mouth. Mrs Garden feed us like little baby bird.‘‘’Gosh that was embarrassing”.

Chicken noodle worms were delicious! It was fun while Mrs Garden was dropping worms in our mouths.  ‘‘Glad that over”

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