Friday, 5 June 2015

The Blindfold Games

O.M.G guess what class 8 literacy had play this morning? We sat in a big circle and places six bowls and six blind fold on the floor. In each bowl there are 20 pins that you have to find in a minute.There are only 6 player who are playing.

I was thinking about where the pins will be by the time it was my turn.Watching the other classmate finding there pins look hard.We hide the pins under the rice so it will be difficult to find.It was hard for them to find the pins with the blindfold on there face.It was frustrating for us when we had a blindfold on our face while we were finding the pins in the bowls full of rice.

When the timer had finished we count up our pins that we had found.Once it was my turn I put on my blindfold and waited for the timer to start.My friends where testing me if I knew the number that she was showing me with her hands,some I gust wrong and just one right It was funny for some of us because we were just digging up rice.I giggle as I find nothing still.

The blindfold game was funny,hard and even fun to play. Have you ever played a blindfold game before. I thought that I did bad finding the safety pins.I hope that I will do better in the next game that we play.Thank for visiting my blog
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