Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Weekend Writing

What did you do during the long weekend?One Sunday afternoon me and my family went to another church.When we arrived there were not that many people sitting there church too small for everyone to sit in.Everybody was dressed wonderful.

The best part I enjoy was when it was time for item,item is the,time for us to sing and dance.It was my church turn for item. I was exited to see for our youth preforming a song on stage.When they started singing my brother Miracle started the song with a solo.My brother Miracle was really good at singing.At home Miracle will away sing in the bath room while he's showering.

What was your long weekend like?.Every time we finish church we will always stay to eat.Hope to hear about your wonderful weekend that you had during those three days.
There were lots of different food in my plate.

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