Monday, 13 April 2015

Holiday Holiday Holiday is fun

Holiday Holiday Holiday just another week to go !!!Today I woke up early to go with my mum to her school. I enjoyed helping the teachers looking after the children aged three and a 1/2 to five or six years old.

I saw the children were running inside the room. I told them that we are not allowed to run inside just walking feet, we only can run outside. I asked the children if they wanted to play with the play dough with me. Most of the children joined me at the play dough table. we enjoyed talking and playing with the play dough.

I asked them some open and ended questions.What was the colour of the play dough? they answered, "was purple and green". I asked them again what did they had made? and who was it for? the girl said "a person and it for my mum". One girl named Chloe made a play dough garden with some real flowers, and we had fun taking and playing together.

When I had finished my afternoon tea. I helped the teachers to sweep the floor. After that I went outside, I played with the children on the slide and waited for the time for me and my mum to go home .

I love going to my mum work in the holiday it because I like to be a pre-school teacher when I grew up .Miss you all class mate and wish the best holiday of the week.Looking forward to go back to school and see my friends, teacher and class mate.Will see you next week on Monday. 

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