Thursday, 26 March 2015

Year 5 and 6 Camp 2015

P.1                              “IT VACATION TIME”
“It was a sunny day at camp”What is camp like to you?
The last few day the year five and six had camp at Pt England school .As all of the campers arrived we play around and waited for camp to start.When camp had start we all had to sit in our camp group.We walked off to explore our first game.


When we walked over to Town Top Mr Jacobsen told us the 1 intorsion. We had to blow up as many balloon we can until we have finished blowing them all. All of the two team rushed down back to Mr J to follow the next intorsion.Our team placed all of the balloon in the middle of the four cone.   To start we had to make our way through  the board until we make it  to the water fight.When the team grab two balloon we thought them across to the other team.It was a difficulty challenge to get past the ski’s because five peoples have to fit in all of it and we keep falling down.

The True crew and Matapono E were playing Amazing Race it was not that hard for my group because we finish all challenge but we had to take photo on the ipad so that show we had finish all challenge.We had to throw as many ball in the hoop until you get 100 point,if you throw one in you get 2 point.We have to create a move on the ipad.

When we were going for kayaking we had to wear a life visit and sit with a buddy.Mrs Garden reminded us that we had to “foot bum foot before we get in the kayak.It was fun but we had some crash up as we were kayaking around.To pad around the sea me and my buddy had to use a pad which we called spoon and knife.We had five minture swim at the end of the session.It was freezing cold.

If you were at camp  would you ever want to go back home?Camp is a fun thing that you can do some day.I love to vist the your five and six camp writing next year.By the way my team group was called the True Crew and my two leader were Presayus and Lomio-lee.I’m looking forward to the year six camp in the end of the year.

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