Tuesday, 31 March 2015

School Picnic

Imagen birds singing, butterfly flying ,sandy sand, waves moving, and a hot sunny waiting to have a picnic!!! Do you know what days it was?Let me guess It Picnic day!!! The past few week our school walked down to pt england beach to have a picnic.As we walk throuht the school gate I was all ready exied and chating with me friends.

When we arrived the first thing that me Talita, and Seini had played was on the playground.We played and laugh,enjoy the fun times in the hot sun.Soon we wanted to play with clay once I had them on my head it made my clothes dirty.Finally I was finish making my clay ball.As we had finish we walked will me,Seini and Talita saw a tiny little crab crowing on the sand,then I pick it up and Talita put it on the rocks to be safe.

What I didn’t like was when me and Heather was singing in front of some teacher and students.It was fun singing shake it off because we were all having heap of fun singing and dacing.The funniest dancer was all off us because we all had silly move.I never seen someone with that silly dance.  

Is there any beach you have been to? Will it was fun but it was time to walk back to school.The best part of the day that we had no learning to do and being with my two bestie Seini and Talita.Wish you a lovely easter holiday.

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