Friday, 19 September 2014

Key Competencies Explanation

Do you guys know what the key competencies are ? There are only five of them? They are called thinking ,managing self, relating to other,participating and contributing and using language symbols texts. If not then I’m here to give examples to you all.

Managing myself
I need to manage myself at school to respect to the others teacher and classmate.For example, when you
are mad at someone you can can walkaway and manage your hand and feet. We have to manage our self wherever we are so we don’t got into lot of trouble.   

Thinking is sometime hard but we need to keep our brain learning and focusing on what we are learning about.For explain when I’m stuck on a math answer then I have to stop for a few second and think to find out the answer.
Relating to other .
Use empathy towards each other people and put yourself in their
shoes when they're not feeling will.Remember to be nice to each other where ever we are if we are i  class or at home.

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