Friday, 12 September 2014

Cybersmart Explanation

Use my brain, use my heart, im going to be cybersmart. This is what we are learning about and it is our korero for Pt England.We have been learning about use my brain so we know what to do online.

Use My Brain
Use my brain means you never know when someone is watching what  you are doing online. For example when you have a chain letter on your gmail then you have to delete the mail.

When you're online and your friend is not feeling well then you can send a nice email to make them feel can write an apology if you done something that made them feel really sad. Leave a thoughtful comment to other people blog so they can comment back to you.

We need to use our brain and our heart at the same time for example when you got a doggy mail then you screenshot it then send to one of the teacher and then you delete it. When your friend is on the wrong site and they tell you to go on it then I will think before and say no.Now you know what use me brain,use my heart I’m going to be cybersmart means.

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