Friday, 28 March 2014

Why should you learn to swim?

Why should you learn to swim?

Do you know how to swim ?This is how you can survive in water and save other people .Be safe in the water and when you are swimming you have to be careful that you don’t drown.

Some day you and your family might go  to the swimming  pool and your little sister went in without asking and drowned and you have to go in to save  her .If you see your friend far in  the deep pool you can go and grab her out so she or he can be safe .When you are in the Olympics you might want to come first and win the gold medal.

Group 1,2,and 3 start with a warm up in the beginning to keep healthy. We even kick our legs when we are swimming and move our arms to warm up to. Health is when you are fit in the water and you are doing litter fast kick.

When you have no swimming togs you you have to miss out on all of the fun in the pool and you have to sit with the teacher and watch the class swim. They might be doing your best swimming lesson and you might be swimming in the pool right now.When your class has finished swimming and you may be feeling sad.

You might be doing swimming  in the Olympics and you  competing other Olympics
people and you want to come fist and win the medal.You might be doing arm circles and come 3rd .If you are doing the freestyle you have to put your hand on the board and swim down to the island.

Can you swim 35m?

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