Friday, 22 September 2017

Film festival secrets

Our class Room 4 decide we were going to do a Food tasting movie for our Manaiakalani Movie film festival. We didn't know what we were going to eat so it was a bit scary Waiting. As each groups of three went to go and film, The rest of room 4 waited Patiently for there turn. Finally it was my turn to go and try the mystery foods. I was excited!! 

Waiting anxiously for Mrs Judd to hand the mystery food or drink on the table. My eyes were pitch black while I tried to find the mystery object in front of me. Mrs Judd handed a cup with liquid  in it.Taking the cup and drinking what tasted liked Rock melon. Wesley who was sitting next to me was a bit dramatic and almost spat the who drink out. That would of been gross if he had spat it all over me. I was uncomfortable with the two students who were sitting with me because they were both boys. That's why I didn't really like to say anything. Then Mrs Judd said ''go'' which means you have to guess what we thought we were drinking. My guess was Rock melon. I wonder if I was right? To find out what we ate, watch the film festival movies which will be held next term. 

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