Tuesday, 28 February 2017

How a sea turtlee grows into an adult

                              How a sea turtle grows into an adult
150 million years ago when dinosaurs were alive sea turtle existed. Sea turtle are species that are endangered that we need to protect. They can live up to approximately 100 years. Newborn sea turtle is actually a size of a ping pong ball and can fit on a palm of a human's hand.

The female turtle pushes the sand to the surface. Once it’s found a spot to lay its eggs it digs a hole with it’s back legs and lays its eggs to keep them warm and safe. The mother turtle can lay about 50 to 200 eggs which is insane. After 6 weeks the eggs start to hatch. About 20% out of 100 eggs don’t hatch and that leave 80 eggs. When the baby sea turtle hatch they push their way out of their shell, they dig their way towards the surface and there they start their big journey. They quickly rush to the ocean encase predator attack them. This is way sea turtle hatch out when it’s night time so that predators don’t find them. They find there way to the beach by following the moon’s light.

Half of 80 sea turtle survive, because of predators like seagulls, crabs and humans. When the turtle’s make their way to the sea they start to find more dangerous and bigger predators. About 20 of them survive at this stage. When the sea turtle squirm up to the surface to breathe, many get eaten by more predators like seagulls, killer whales, sharks and dolphins. They also get dragged away by the current. Another 50% of sea turtle die from that.

10 years later the sea turtle will be a size of a dinner table. This means they’re now in the stage of an adult sea turtle. The adults sea turtle are less harmed because they’re now very large. They have less predators because their shells are very hard which keep them protected and safe.  Only 10 of them survive when they are adults. Then the life cycle start all over again where the mother sea turtle scrambled her way to the surface.

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