Monday, 18 July 2016

Holiday time

Showing kindness during the holiday I help my mum at her kiden garden school. There was a big birthday party for Katrina one of the student and I had to help blow the balloon and put up the sign that said Happy birthday. When I blow the balloon I felt like I was out of breath. There were lots of food and games that was hold at the birthday party. 

The games that we played was hit the Pinyada, past the puzzle and face painting. This party was a big party. First we played hit the Pinyada. When the game was over, in the Pinyada there were toys and chocolate. The second game was past the puzzle. One of the kids won a prize that had a lunch box with a pony in it. For the face painting I  chooses a cross to paint on my face. The big party was fun. After all the fun games we went to eat lunch there was heaps of food. Yum Yum!!!

My mum has been working at Tiny Town school for 40 year. First I help my mum by moping the floor and vacueving the carpet After the party. Her job is hard!!! I enjoy working at my mum works because one day I would like to be a teacher just like my mum. She inspired me because how hard she works as a teacher.

There are more then 40 children in my mum school and only seven teacher to look after them. The ages in my mum's class are 3 - 5 year old. The time the school start is 6.30am - 6.00pm. 

The holiday is a great time to help your parent or anyone in you family. What ever you do in the holiday just make kindness go viral. Hope you all ave a wonderful holiday .See you next term at school.

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