Thursday, 5 November 2015

Writing Test

Eat I yelled to my partner! Team 4 have been eating cream weetbix and apple. There were apples and a plate of weetbix cream on the table.

When it was my  partner turn,I shave all the cream weetbix and apple into her mouth. She chew as fast as she could until her turn was over.  There were whip cream on my finger and on other classmates faces and everywhere there were apple rolling off the table.

Once it was time for me to eat I take big bite and chew, chew and chewed. It was a disaster I had to eat my whip cream weetbix with my apple. It was YUCK! I almost threw up the thing that had eaten right in front of me. Right after that I couldn't chew so I spat everything in the bin. I still have bits off apple stuck between my throat.

Some people eat like big hungry pigs. They eat faster than me. It was embarrassing to watch, I laughed while watching the others.  In the end we tidy up the big mess that we had made.The table look like an ugly zoo.

It was a messy and embarrassing game, I never want to play a single game like that again. Now I know what not to eat with my weetbix, one thing that could made it better is banana or strawberry.

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