Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hoilday highlight

write a recount about my school holiday using effective paragraphs.
During the school holidays Me and my family went to visit my aunty Rosa at middlemore hospital.

When we arrived there it was midnight. It was freezing walking to the door to enter the room.We were happy to see her,while my sister and lana were having fun on the phone the adult were having a little chitty chat. We eat some treat that we get from our pastor.

Every Thursday and Wednesday we would all come to church to pray so that Rosa will be heal each day. We would sing and hold each other hand until it is around seven to eight o’ clock. The next day we would go and visit her and check how she is feeling. She feel tired a lot because there are lot of visit coming to see her.   

I love my holiday !! Did you? What was the best part of your holiday? I’m lucky to see her at home safe now with her family .

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