Friday, 15 May 2015

Taniwha Trouble

                    Thump!blop!Gurgle! Gulp! There was a noise that was coming for the iron pips in room
                    13 .Hot water snakes up from below in the Iron pipes and coils into our heaters.The burping
                    and rumbling grew louder.''There's a taniwha in the heater!''Noah called out."shall I get Mr                             Blackadder?" Mrs Pinkeny nodded,and Noah hurried.Mr Blackadder is a caretaker.He can                         anything.Mr Blackadder is probably deep under the school in the boiler room they said.They
                    walk down to the boiler room they said that it was like a dungeon and the pipes are like maze.
                    This is what this story about.


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