Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Auckland art gallery

Can you name five rules when visiting an art gallery?When we get in the art gallery we were so excited to see art that we  were learning about.We learn about store,painting,exploring,playing lago and the learning center.  

Last friday we were getting ready to go in the bus to go to a trip to the art gallery.Some of the year 5 and 4 went to see different type of art.Linda show us around then we start looking at art that tell us store we have to find out who get trick

For example: We went to see  sculptures,we even saw drip painting and art that we haven't even seen before.When we get in the art gallery we have to keep quiet,one meter away from the painting,not allow to run inside and if we want to go to the bathroom then we have to ask a parent helper.

When Miss ouano said that we can go explore the art gallery we told talita dad if we can go to the light show so he said yes when we get in we couldn't see anything explat the screen I was walking to the screen when I bump into a chair I don’t know there was a chair. My favorite part was going to the stodio

To be continued.......   

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