Thursday, 23 October 2014

How Do We Stay Safe in the Sun?


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Do you know how to be sunsmart? Well I am going to tell you about sunsmart. Remember to always wear your sun hat outside.Watch out for the sun it might get to hot.

How to be sun smart
What kind of thing you need on a sunny hot day? You need a hat, sun block and head wear. So these are the thing you need to protect your skin from getting  sunburn.

Sun Block
We have to wear sun block to keep us safe and don’t get sunburn and skin cancer. Sun block is safe so you can still have a nice face.To be safe in the sun .If we don’t have hat then we might also get bled from the bright sun .

Just to keep you safe  if you have no hat then you have to be in the shade all time.Burn time is between 10am to 4pm, September and April.  So try not to get brun from this time because that when the UV Ray get stronger.  

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