Friday, 29 May 2015

Torty the Lucky Tortoise

WALT: Read and understand new words
This story is about torty the Lucky Tortoise was found
and still alive.She is 200 years old and kids love visiting
her. Torty was alive until the 1st war one until now.She
is a lucky tortoise to be still alive.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Problem solving

WALT: solve problems with multiple steps
Our tasks is to solve problems with multiple steps."It say" Rima saved $59 in
September.The she saves $37 in October and $49 in November.Gusts what the
answer is?Our answer was $146 but then is brought Nike witch cost $99.So
$146-99=47.Our answer was 47.  


Walt: Write simple and complex sentences using figure of speech: Similes and Metaphors
Our tasks is learn about similes.Similes are words words that comparer together.
For example busy as a bee,fast as a tiger.Look in my presentation to learn about
more similes.Make up your own similes.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


We learnt to solve division problem by breaking the big number down into little number.
We switch division into times table to turn the answer around.As you see 6 x something= 84.
Enjoy watching this presentation that we learnt during maths.

Maths teacher lesson

Our task is to use division.We break down the biggest number down to make the problem easier
to answer.When you are stuck or you got it wrong don't feel bad it just your time.Keep breaking the number down to make it easier.There are explain that me and my group had made with our maths teacher.Have a look to help you more about your maths.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

synonyms are?

Walt: Read and explain synonyms
Buzzy bees are learning about synonyms.Synonyms mean a word that mean the
some thing.There are heaps of synonyms that I learn in my presentation. Check
my presentation out.

Skating at Rainbow Lake

                Walt: Find the hidden messages in the text
 They went to rainbow lake to skate.The Dad sprain his
ankle as he gather speed and lost his balance.They all 
help dad to get to the truck by putting him on the sled.
What do you think is the hidden message?I think it good
to help each other.

Friday, 22 May 2015

A Little Adventure 2

Walt: Read and explain synonyms
Synonyms are is a word the is the some meaning as the other?There are lots of
synonyms that are in my presentation.There is a example of one on the first page.
Make up your own synonyms to share on your blog.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Personification drawing

Write a paragraph to explain why this sentence appealed to you.
The moon is playing hide and seek with the clouds.Were can you find the moon.
This is my personification drawing.


WALT and write a paragraph to explain what you have learned
What is Personification?That why I'm her to tell you all about it.Personification is
 when your turning something not really to a human charter.Look at my Explain
and slide to look for more information about Personification.Check it out.

My Whakapapa

This is my Whakapapa about my family and me.Look for any information about it.
Please leave a comment.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Walt: Read and explain synonyms
Hmm what is Synonyms?Me and my group buzz bee were talking about synonyms.
 Synonyms is a another word that mean the some as another words.For explain
an another word for look is see that an synonyms,another for down is under is a
synonyms.What is a synonyms that you know?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Math problem solving

WALT: solve multiplication problems with 1 multiplier
To solve our answer we use multiplication,adding and takeaway. Our first problem
is about takeaway. Check out the presentation that me and my two friends had done.  

Friday, 15 May 2015

Math problem solving

WALT: solve multiplication problems with 1 multiplier
Me and my buddy Rima is trying to solve a multiplication problems how are we
going to solve the problem.Look in the present to find out how you got you answer.
If you have an answer that different then leve a comment at the bottom.There are
to question to answer.

Taniwha Trouble

                    Thump!blop!Gurgle! Gulp! There was a noise that was coming for the iron pips in room
                    13 .Hot water snakes up from below in the Iron pipes and coils into our heaters.The burping
                    and rumbling grew louder.''There's a taniwha in the heater!''Noah called out."shall I get Mr                             Blackadder?" Mrs Pinkeny nodded,and Noah hurried.Mr Blackadder is a caretaker.He can                         anything.Mr Blackadder is probably deep under the school in the boiler room they said.They
                    walk down to the boiler room they said that it was like a dungeon and the pipes are like maze.
                    This is what this story about.


chocolate game

Mmm chocolate... This morning class 8 played the chocolate game.First Miss Lavakula told us the introduction before we played.We had to get in a big circle and one person start rolling the dice if that person gets any number under 5 then they have to pass it on. If someone lands on a 6 they have to choose 6 different items to wear.When you are wearing 6 items you then have to try and cut one piece of chocolate with the forks and knife. Once you cut one piece of chocolate you have to sit back down. You are only allowed to eat one chocolate at a time.

Isaac was rushing when he rolled a 6. He was putting on heaps of clothes and he miscounted. There were not that many of us that got to eat the chocolate, it was only Montle and Dezarea. Aysha was laughing so hard that her jaws started to hurt. Some of the girls were embarrassed when dressing up and some were expecting to dress up. We had heaps of time to play the chocolate game but when we  rolled a 6, it was difficult to get to the chocolate.   

The funniest part was when Martin went to put on the coconut cups he was trying to tie it up with some help from his friends.But then Tavake rolled a 6 then Martin had to sit back down. All the dress up items were all over the floor and  black feathers scattered around on the carpet too.There were a lot of us dressing in different times and they don’t even know that there was someone who rolled a 6. When some were dressing up they were really funny.

While the dice was coming around I saw some of us were who dressing up, frustrated trying to put on the jacket. When Dezeare rolled a 6 she kept miscounting the items on her. Once she grabbed the fork and knife she cut the chocolate and ate it,I was hungry!! The dice was coming around and it was my turn again.once I get a 6 I quickly stood up and rushed to grab the items in front of me.It was embarrassing for others to watch me dress up.I grabbed the knife and fork and almost cut the chocolate!but someone get a 6. Argh! I was disappointed when I didn’t get a piece of chocolate.

The chocolate game was fun but we had to stop.Next time I’m looking forward to eat a chocolate from the plate.When I play the chocolate game again I will try my best to eat a chocolate or else I will get hungry.Hope that there will be no coconut cup any more next time because it look ridiculous.If you play the chocolate game make sure to not eat that much or you will get a tummy ache.  
Chocolate, Bar, Sweet, Candy,Bar Chocolate, Brown, Sweet,


Friday, 8 May 2015

Nepal earthquake

 What a shocking earthquake that happening in Nepal,lots of people panicking and ground cracking!!! Some people buried alive under dirt,building and snow.People were anxious because of the big aftershocks.

After the earthquake had finished people building were destruction and 1,000s of people died.There were demolished building,car crashes and people display. people were sleeping on street with hardly no food to eat.This earthquake was a horrible destruction.This shocking news happen on  25th of April on ANZAC day.    

File:Nepal Earthquake 2015 09.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Protraction multiplication problems

      Walt: solve multiplication problems:
       What I learnt from my problems solving is to break down the
        bigger number to make the answer easy to question.For example
       adding together then it will make?

Math problem solving

             Check out what I have learnt about problem solving.

Nepal earthquake

There was a powerful earthquake that struck the country. Nepley expected a bigger aftershocks of people in Nepal were missing and needed rescue.People were searching through rubble for survivors.There was an outbreak of disease that was spreading around Nepal.     File:Nepal Earthquake 2015 06.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Dawn parade

Walt: Read and explain what a Dawn Parade is?
 Do you know what is a dawn parade is?This is what I have learnt about the dawn
 parade.The poppies grew  in the 1st war one were the solider had died years ago.
We wear poppies to remember the solider that had died in the war one.Least we forget
we will remember them.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

pirate crew 2

WALT: Identify key words and main ideas in the text
pirate crew 2: check out my presentation
What I am reading is pirate crew 2 will let get started with the story....
Uncle Leo looked more worried about the boat.They saw the orange coast guard
coming toward them.It circled around twice the boat then stopped alongside.
Pipiana was holding a big spanner.''Ahoy",penguin!'' the rescue boat captain yelled
Do you need rescued?Find out if they get rescued or not?

Monday, 4 May 2015

Maths problem solving

WALT: solve multiplication problems with 1 multiplier
I learnt how to solve problem by time table and adding.Check out my presentation.