Thursday, 10 December 2015

PES survivors

Revival survivors from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is my animation about how the seals survivors in Antarctic. Seal are really
good at swimming, they are seal animals that are mammals and warm blooded.
Seals have short arm on the side of there bodies. They can handle cold underwater.

End of the year Reflections

This year it was fantastic to be a year 6. I have three teachers which are, Mr Goodwin, Miss Lavakula and Mr Somerville. I come to school to learn because it is fun, I love coming to school everyday. Our team leader for team 4 is Mr Somerville. Mr Goodwin is my home teacher, Mr Somerville is my math teacher and Miss Lavakula is my Literacy teacher.

For this year I started from 8 years old for reading and went up one level to reading at 9. Next year my goal is to improve more of my reading and read harder books during the holidays. I would try my best to reach 4 more levels up. Reading has help me to spell and learn new words. Reading is my second favourite subject.

Writing for this year was fun, I got to writing about the amazing year 6 camp to Kawau, the chocolate game and the blindfold game.  What I have been learning about is  to write interesting paragraphs for the audience to be interested in. For the years 6 we have to write six to eight paragraphs. In each paragraph we have to write about 1 main idea and use punctuation in our paragraph. During the term we learnt about recount, recount is retelling what you have just done.  

I love math!! Math is my favourite subject. I like doing xtramath and math whizz on my Chromebook. In my first report I was well above. I hope I have improve progress. I have Mr Somerville as my math teacher. He is fun to learn with and funny. He has made me learn new math problems. I enjoy math and always have fun with it. This year’s math has made me even more better then last year. Math is the best!

What I liked the most was trade and enterprise. We got in business group and made different products. Yvonne, Lani and Vinolia were my business partners. We made products out of loom bands. They cost 50 pieces and 20 pieces.The best part was buying from other shops. We sold all of our products and made a lot of Pts. It was over 55 pt. There were 6 groups. We even had auction that we could trade our pts in for real staff.  Also we had our own online bank to keep our Pts safe. Trading can be fun. Just so you know the red one is 20 pieces, the white is 50 pieces, the blue is 1 pt and the green one is 2 pts .

This year was the  BEST year ever. I even made new friend and new teachers. We had a three room class with three teacher. They were awesome! I hope to reach all my goals next year and make more progress.  I am looking forward for school next year.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Year 6 camp to bentzon

Have you been to Kawau Island? The year 6 campers went to Kawau island on the 17th of November. Every year the year 6’s go camp at Kawau Island. We stay there for 4 days and 3 nights.

Day 1:
On the first day of camp it was exciting. We all meet in the hall around  7:00pm.The teams were called Kat's, Kawau, Bentzon and mention. First we went on a long ride on the bus and loaded our  bags on. Once the bus had stop at sandpit we had a little break before we went on the ferry. We had our morning tea and then made a line to carry the bags from the bus to the ferry. When we get on, we went up stairs so we can sit on top of the ferry.

When we arrived to Kawau Island we lift all the bags on the deck then we went for a long walk up steep hills and killer hill. Before we get half way my legs started to get tried. We stop at this big hill of rocks so Hendrix can says his speak. This rock hill his been growing since. Once he had finished his speaks we take another long walk until we stop at this big field near the sea. We played there and eat our lunch there. It take 30 minutes until we get back to the cabins. Some games we had played was bulrush and throw the farthers in the water.

Day 2:
I was in Yvonne, Venetia, Lani and Rosalina cabin. We had a five beds cabin and one cupboard .When I wake up Yvonne and Venetia were fast asleep, the other two were talking with me. It was the first day of the actives and my team Kawua  went bivouacking.  bivouacking is building a houses with your team. We went off and started looking for some wood and leaf to cover the house. We collected all the wood and leaf we need and build our house. It was halfway finished so we collected more and more wood and leaf. We added more wood on the house and we were done.Then we went to our next actives as time went past it was morning tea.

When I woke up it was early and it was my 11th birthday. They song happy birthday to me at breakfast time.Plus it was concert night .During that night some people won some award. We all finished our item and it was time for the judges to announce the winners. The winning team was mention. My team come 3rd places which was great.

Last day
We eat our last breakfast and went off to brush our teeth. We clean our room and put up our beds. We play a little actives before we went. When the fairy arrived we loaded our bags on the fairy and said goodbye to peter and Erin which are the owner of the camp.

We had fun on the last day and I hope to stay there for a little more days. The best part of all was sleeping with my friend, playing with my classmate and doing no work. Also I learn how to do thing that I don't know how to do such as sailing and being a leader for my team. I was glad coming back to see my family but I would rather stay at kawau Island with my friends and teacher.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Unwanted Visitors

WALT: Read and understand facts about wasps
I have been learning about wasp. There are insects that are omnivorous. Omnivorous
are insects or Animals that eat plants, fruit and veges. They make there house out
of paper from decks, buildings, tree and woods. They have dangerous stinger that
can infect peoples body or skin.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Haiku poem

Can you guess what I was? I am a cheetah that has spot. I am
brown too.Did you get the answer right or wrong.

Limerick poem

Limerick poem

There once was a puppy named spotty(9)
He was a poppy that coped me (9)
He was also naughty (6)
He was skinny and fast (6)
He was bossy and look spotty(8)

I have been learning about Limerick poem I have describe a puppy.
He is spotty and naughty and fast . He is a little puppy boy. The 
first, second, fifth lines are longer then the third and fourth line. I write 
9, 6 and 8 lines in my poem.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Acrostic poem

I have been learning about Acrostic poem. What I have highlighted in blue is my
name going down. I write sentence and some are just words. Check out what I
have been learning.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Food chain

I have been learning about food chain. I first start with an sea creature and then
something that can eat that. Here is an example of my food chain in Antarctic.

Monday, 16 November 2015

True seals and eared seals

WALT: Read and understand facts about Antarctic Seals
This is what I have been learning about, true seals and eared seals. They are both
mammals. Mammals can feed it pups with it own milk. They spend more time under
water because it is warmer for them to stay in. Eared seals have arm which uses them
for feet. True seals have short arm and hump or wriggle themselfs to move. Every
summer they grow new layer of skin.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Lesser short tailed bat

WALT: Use clues from the text to accurately answer questions Read and understand facts about the Lesser Short Tailed Bat.

For this week I have been learning about Lesser short tailed bat. The key thing is
we have to find out how the bats survive. Feel free to check my presentation  for
more information.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Antarctic seals

WALT:Read and understand facts about Antarctic Seals
Antarctic seals are mammals which means they are warm blooded and can feed it baby with milk. One of the thing for the seals to adapted is to stay underwater. The seals are much more warmer underwater, comparer to people it is cold. There are many different seals but the most in common seal is the crabeater.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Diamante poems

WALT: Write a diamante poem using nouns, adjectives, verbs, synonyms and antonyms.
We have been learning about Diamante poems this week. We used nouns, adjectives,
 verbs, synonyms and antonyms. I write about winter and summer.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Writing Test

Eat I yelled to my partner! Team 4 have been eating cream weetbix and apple. There were apples and a plate of weetbix cream on the table.

When it was my  partner turn,I shave all the cream weetbix and apple into her mouth. She chew as fast as she could until her turn was over.  There were whip cream on my finger and on other classmates faces and everywhere there were apple rolling off the table.

Once it was time for me to eat I take big bite and chew, chew and chewed. It was a disaster I had to eat my whip cream weetbix with my apple. It was YUCK! I almost threw up the thing that had eaten right in front of me. Right after that I couldn't chew so I spat everything in the bin. I still have bits off apple stuck between my throat.

Some people eat like big hungry pigs. They eat faster than me. It was embarrassing to watch, I laughed while watching the others.  In the end we tidy up the big mess that we had made.The table look like an ugly zoo.

It was a messy and embarrassing game, I never want to play a single game like that again. Now I know what not to eat with my weetbix, one thing that could made it better is banana or strawberry.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Tui in a tree

WALT:Read with fluency

I am writing facts about korimako because that is what we are learning this week.
We had to research new things about korimako, I learnt a lot of things that can happen
to this bird. Such as the diet habitat, there interesting lives and many more things about
 them. Hope you like enjoy my blog.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Revival,Rosalina,Venetia,Yvonne Problem Solving: Week 3 - Term 4

WALT: find a fraction of a number
For our tasks this week we are learning to find a faction of a number. I read this 
problem very carefully so I can understand of what I am trying to solve. I find the
answer and it was 16/64 but I simplify it again to see if the answer was different. 
The answer was 2/6 but then again I half 2/6 and it give me the final of answer of 
1/3. That's how I solve this equation. I used division and times table to solve the 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Math problem solving

WALT:find a fraction of a number
This week we are learning to simplify fractions. If we can simplify we can half it
and see what your final answer is.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Math problem solving team 4 week 1

Walt:find a fraction of a number
The key for this week problem solving we are learning to simplify. We see if we
can have the fraction to see if we can simplify if not there will be remainder.

Friday, 23 October 2015

NZ Native Animal Report

WALT:Walt: Report factual information about a New Zealand Native Animal or Creature

Here are some facts about Native kiwis. Kiwi have only 25 to 50 years of life if they continue to die more.

They are found in many different places such as shrubs, rough, farmland, plantation forests,sand dunes, snowy tussocks, forest or the jungles.They especially like places with wetland and where trees that has river edge.

They have two legs, one long break with a nostrils at the end,  two eyes, coloured brown. There fur look’s like hair. Kiwi are honorary mammals animal. Kiwi are the only bird in the world that has a nostril at the end of it beak that help them smell and look for food.

kiwi are shy, animal that sleep during the day and go hunting during the night they are called nocturnal.

Kiwi eats seed, grubs and many varieties of worms. They also may eat fruit, small crayfish, eels and amphibians.

Interesting facts:
Kiwi predators are stoats, ferrets, weasels,  rats, cat, dog and possums. Sometimes kiwis accidentally get ran over from vehicle.
The kiwi is a national symbol

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Walt:read and understand new facts about a Tuatara
We have been learning about lot of Tuatara information. We learn about there
habitat , description , characteristics , diet , life cycle and interesting facts about

Thursday, 15 October 2015

word knowledge Week 9

Walt: We are learning new words
For our tasks this week we have been learning a lot of new words. We have been
researching with it mean and how many words can you make out of it.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

2 weeks of holiday

During the  first week of the holidays we had our church camp in Papakura. We were so busy packing all our stuff that we needed. The car was so packed we had no space to sit down either. It was a long way until we arrived. Once we arrived I jumped out with excitement. We had to lift all the beds and our bags up stairs to our rooms.  

There were a lot of church members there.  We started off with a prayer and then went of to our Sunday school teacher. Before we started we had to remember our bible verse, class dance and skit.It started from the little kids up to the youth team.

For Sunday school it is Year 1 - 13 and for the older youth it is year 7 in up. At dinner time we had our own culture food that the adults had made for us. After dinner the youth members have to came and do all the chores like clean the dishes, make cup of tea, do the beds and lot of others. The costs of the camp was only $2 for the Sunday school and the youth was $3. We slept there for 3 days and 2 nights.

Every night we had  to make our beds and go to sleep around 11.30pm or 12.00pm, in the morning we have to wake up at 6.00am or 7.00am for breakfast. At 11.00am the church dressed up for one of our church members dad 80th birthday at a hall. There were a lot of decorations and snacks on the table. It was a special day for him!!

We finished our church camp on a Saturday afternoon, it was fun. What did you do during those 2 weeks of holidays? I had a lot of fun sleeping over church with my friends and family.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Busking !!! Busking !!! Busking !!!

 Walt :  Use relevant parts of text to accurately answer the questions.

 Busking doesn't cost anything it is for free.  If you are busking you can singing, 
dancing, mime, juggling and do magic tricks. A public place is any site that
Auckland Council or a council controlled organisation own, manage or 
manage or maintain and is open for use to the public.

Word knowledge week 8

Walt:  Define words, syllables, sentence

For this task we are learning how to define words, syllables and sentence. We
are learning a lot of different words. Check out this presentation.

The Blindfold Games (coloured plastic balls)

WALT: Recount our experience of the Blindfold Games

 For the past few week we have been playing a lot of blindfold games.This week Class 8 literacy played a blindfold game with plastic coloured balls. We scattered all the different colour ball on the floor and made a larger circle.   We first started of  with five people . ‘‘I thought to myself This is going to messy’’!  

The rules were we won’t allow to take the bucket with us and we had to wear two blindfold before we had started to be fear. When the one minute has finish we won’t be allowed to carry on. There were only five different coloured ball, five blindfolds to wear and five buckets. We all didn't have our turn at the time.

We each had one minute to find as many coloured ball. Once I was blindfolded I couldn't see a thing. My heart beat as I waited excitedly to dash off. There were a lot of noise and cheering around. I grabbed as many plastic ball that was in front of me. I needed to grab the pink ball, as the timer stop it turned out I pick the wrong colours.  

We swap over until everyone had a turn. Again they had to do the same thing as the other.   The timer started and they rashes off, they were confused which way to go.  We shouted yes or no so they know if they had grabbed the right colours.  When they get the right colour ball they would try and come back to found their buckets.

This game was a fun, challenging a noise and laugher game. I hope every other person who played this game had fun especially me. Been blindfold is hard to see things.  For me this was a 10 out of 10 game.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Candle holders

Walt: Use cues from the text to read and understand new words
Some Facts about kiln: Kilns can heat up to 1000 degrees celsius, compare to
our oven. It is so hot it can burn my hole hand.

The Ants and the Grasshoper

Walt:Infer and interpret the hidden message in the text
We are Learning to match the word to the same meaning. We research for some
more information and check the dictionary to help to understand about more 
mean about the words. I put line on the two boxes to know that there are the
same meaning. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Week 7 word knowledge

Walt: use interesting words

For week 7 our tasks was to find out what the word means and other. We learnt
about interesting words to. Check this out for more information.

Revival Eating Worms Recount

WALT: I am thinking about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.
Guess what our teacher made us eat? Chicken noodle worms! Yesterday morning our class got to eat chicken noodles. There were  two bowls in fronts the class and some noodles inside. Just waiting on the kettle to finish boiling up.

It look like soft slipper worms. “Well not really worms”. It was long and easy to eat. Just hope it tastes good.
This is going to be good.

  Eating soggy worms felt weird! But it did tasted nice. The juice was all over my face and dripping down my mouth. Mrs Garden feed us like little baby bird.‘‘’Gosh that was embarrassing”.

Chicken noodle worms were delicious! It was fun while Mrs Garden was dropping worms in our mouths.  ‘‘Glad that over”

Friday, 4 September 2015

Problem solving

Walt:WALT: multiply and divide decimal numbers
Our tasks for this week we are learning about multiply and divide decimal numbers.
For example 5.80 x 9. 35 =,  5. x 9. = 4. ,  80.x 30. = 240 ,   0 x 5 = 0. All together
the answer is 4. 240.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Jandals Check out these words...

Walt: define the word apprehensive
For our tasks this weeks we are learning about word knowledge. We define the
word apprehensive. A word that mean the same as apprehensive is worried or

Hooking in?

Walt: writing introductions that orientate and hook in our audience.

First try: 
This term for trade and enterprise Team 4 are making products to sell and earn Pt’s and pieces. In the end we can use our Pt’s and pieces to buy other people's products or use them for the auction. As will, we've got our own on line banking to see how much currents that we have been saving.

With a ?
Do you know what we are learning about for trade and enterprise? Team 4 are making products to sell and earn Pt’s and pieces. In the end we can use our Pt’s and pieces to buy other people's products or use them for the auction, as well we've got our own on line banking to see how much currents that we are saving.

With a ! 
This term for trade and enterprise team 4 are making products to sell,  this is how  we earn Pt’s and pieces. In the end we can use our Pt’s and pieces to buy other people's products or use them for the auction, as will we've got our own on line banking to see how much currents that we are saving. PT’s are hard to earn!

With facts
This term for trade and enterprise Team 4 are making products to sell, this is how we earn Pt’s and pieces. In the end we can use our Pt’s and pieces to buy other people's products or use them for the auction, as will we've got our own on line banking to see how much currents that we have been saving. 50 pieces is worth one dollar of a New Zealand coin.

This is my business partner. Me and Yvonne are going
around to other peoples business group to see what
 they are making. Lani and Vinolia are taking order from
other people who wants to buy from our group. We
   take turns staying to take orders and going to other people
business groups.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Ants and the Grasshoper

We are learning to find the hidden message. We have been reading a story about
the ants and the grasshopper. One day the ants where building a house to get ready
for winter. The grasshopper just said laugh and relax, we have a lot of time to do
that but the ants just carried on with what they were doing. As winter come the
grasshopper was cold and the ants where safe and warm in there new house they had
built.The grasshopper ask the ants if they would let him in but the ants said when we
told you last time but you just laugh so why would we let you in. I would get food for
you, I will make your bed when you go to sleep the grasshopper though of a lot of
thing to make the ants interested. So if his want tok stay with the ants he had to do labour

Monday, 24 August 2015

Math teacher lesson week 4

We are learning to round the number to the nearest number. The 1 to 4 is down
 and 5 to 10 is up. We round the whole, the tenth and then the hundredth. We
change a take away question into a plus question. Then we look at time tables.


Friday, 21 August 2015

The fleamarket

WALT: Identify the author’s purpose. We are learning to match the some
words that mean the same. We have been reading nan and about the flea market.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Grass to Glass

Right after the warm milked comes out of the cows, so it doesn't go off, the milk is cooled. When the trucker comes and  collects the milk he measures it to see how much money he would get. They transport the milk to the milk factory.

So that we can make different types of milk like blue milk or even green milk, milk and cream are separated. The workers wear hair caps and gumboots so no hair or grem go into the milk. I’m glad that there wearing them because I don’t want to find something in my milk!

As the milk is boiling in the mechanics, bacteria is killed by pasteurising the milk.The milk is so clean even the sick people can drink it.The temper is 72 degrees celcius which can definitely burn my hand. Lucky for us nothing wrong with our milk.

 The last step is bottling the milk. Finally the milk is bottled, ready for you to drink.This completes the journey from grass to glass. Which milk would you like?
Walt: We are leaning to write about complex sentence and simple sentence.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Mrs wilding potatoe

WALT: Identify the author’s purpose
 We are learning to find the hidden message in the story. This is about a All Black
player coming to visit Lima and Jordan at there school. One day Mrs Wilding said
 to the boy if they could help her with the bags of composts, gardening and moving
the bags to the garage. As will Mrs wilding asked them if they would like a drink but
 they said no thanks we are in a hurry to see a visitor at our school. The visitor was
 corban McIntyre. They wanted to see corban McIntyre arrive and sign there rugby
 ball. The message here is you never know when someone is watching. This is base
on a false story.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Term 3 maths problem solving

WALT: multiply and divide whole numbers
Our tasks is to multiply and divide whole numbers. For example I got 76$ and I
share between Seini, Talita , Htethtet and me. How must would I have to give to
each one of us to make it equal. 4 x 11 = 44 and then 4 x 8 = 32 , altogether it
 the number will be 76$. 15 x 4 = 76. I will have to give them and me 15$ each.

Week 3 maths teacher lesson

For this week we learnt about add not subtract. We change a subtract 
question into a adding question. For example 5.43 - 3.56 =      If the 
tens is bigger then the other then you can change it into a adding 

Week 2 maths teacher lesson

We used add and subtract to solve our answer. We break down the numbers
 to make the wholes then the left over numbers. For example 2 .80 + 3. 97=
2+3= 5,  first you make the whole for the tens. So 80 + something equal 1
whole.So you take out the 20 to make 1 whole and the leaf over is 70. Then
you add the 77 and altogether you add 5 wholes + 1 wholes + 77= The answer
 is 6.77 .

Friday, 14 August 2015

Dragon fruit

Walt: Use cues from the text to read and understand new words
This week for our group Jandals we are learning about dragon fruits. We learnt
another words for dragon fruit and lots of other facts about dragon fruit. They are
brightly pink when they are ready to eat. These can be grown in farm and grounds.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Grass to Glass

Walt: Add detail to the ending of the sentences.
Cows eat 70 kilograms of grass a day, to keep them health and  produce milk for us to drink. To keep them alive they have to eat plenty of grass. In winter the farmer comes around to feed the cow with silage because the grass isn't growing.

Cows have four stomachs, compared to us who only have one stomach. These four stomach breaks down the grass  into to little pieces. When the cows eat the grass they burp it back up and then chew it again for one minute, It’s disgusting.

Milking happens twice a day, and it can’t be miss out or else the cows get really sick or be in pain. It take 7-8 minutes for the cows to be milked.They get milked in the morning or in the evening.

Now days milking machines do all the hard work, but in the olden days they use to milk the cows by their bare hands, Imagine doing that. The milking shed can be called a herringbone or a rotary.Do you know one cow gives 30 litres of milk a day?

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.34.54 AM.png

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Curriculum Vitae

   This is my curriculum vitae explaining what I am good at for this job.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Math work week 4

WALT: add and subtract decimals
Our task is to add and subtract decimals. Starting from the beginning of this term
we've still been learning more about decimals. If you don't know what decimals
 are they are numbers between 1 and 0. For example .456 +. 578=  First you
add the hundredth, .400 + 500 = 900 and then add the tenth, .50 + .70 = 120
and then add the oneth,8 + 6 = 14.

The unbirthday birthday

WALT: Infer and interpret the main ideas in the text

We have learnt that if you don't want a birthday then  called it the unbirthday

Monday, 3 August 2015

Problem solving

WALT: add and subtract decimals
Our task is to add and subtract decimals. We used adding and subtraction to solve
our problem. For example 0.22 + 0.34 = 0.56 . First you add the hole and than
the less than numbers.

Living on a farm

Growing up on a farm would be fun but can also be hard. We’ve been looking at dairy milk in New Zealand and machines that make milk.

The cows get milked in the milking shed, where they produce milk. The farmers produce milk from the cow's teats by placing cups on their teats. The truck comes and collect the milk and take them to the shop to sell. That were your buy you milk!!

Imagine riding on a horse to school, that would be fun. We don’t really get the chance to ride horses in the city, so it would be cool to learn how to ride a horse on a farm. I would like to jump on a horse and ride it.

Why wasn’t I born in the country? After school there would be so many things to do like feeding calves, chickens and pigs, and riding bikes and horses. I think country kids are very lucky!

                     Walt: We are learning to write complex sentence and use detail in our writing.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hoilday highlight

write a recount about my school holiday using effective paragraphs.
During the school holidays Me and my family went to visit my aunty Rosa at middlemore hospital.

When we arrived there it was midnight. It was freezing walking to the door to enter the room.We were happy to see her,while my sister and lana were having fun on the phone the adult were having a little chitty chat. We eat some treat that we get from our pastor.

Every Thursday and Wednesday we would all come to church to pray so that Rosa will be heal each day. We would sing and hold each other hand until it is around seven to eight o’ clock. The next day we would go and visit her and check how she is feeling. She feel tired a lot because there are lot of visit coming to see her.   

I love my holiday !! Did you? What was the best part of your holiday? I’m lucky to see her at home safe now with her family .

Problem sovling week 2 Term 3

WALT: add and subtract decimals
Our task is to add and  subtract decimals. When we are adding we have to add
the holes fisrt. For example  0.25 - 0.17= ? First you take the holes away than the
less than number.

Mice for sale

WALT: Retell and sequence the story
When mice are born they have no fur. They are quiet and fast and 
they are hard to find when there small. Week later there fur start to grow.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Week 1 Term 3 Math teacher lesson

Our task for this week is to add and subtract decimals.We started off with a
small decimals to a big decimal. In a decimal there is a hundredth, tenth and
thousandth. We add the wholes then the decimal witch can be called less then

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Problem solving week 1 Team 3

WALT: add and subtract decimals
Our task is to add and subtract decimals. For example Yvonne has walk 5.2
kilometre. Venetia had walk 9.4 kilometre. How many more then Venetia walk
then Yvonne?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Mohua the kiwi

WALT: Use relevant parts of the text to help us accurately answer the question
Mohua is a kiwi animal that his break it beak. The staff at willow bank wildlife
reserve has been looking after seen she has break he beak.She was a fussy eater
Her beak grow and grow just like a nail. The staff hope that Mohua and Saxon
will produce Kiwi chicks.If this happens, they'll be the only pair of great spotted
kiwi to breed in captivity.

Simile about my family

WALT use similes to write a poem about my family
Three people I have described in My family

Math teacher lesson week 11

You can find our maths teacher lesson here
Walt: Add and subtract fractions

Our tasks is to add and subtract fractions. We also learnt = < >. The equal sign is if the fraction is equal
and the wide mouth mean that the fraction is small or bigger then. If the two fraction have the same number
for example 13/4 - 5/4 = The answer will be 8/4 because the bottom number will stay the same if they are the same.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Week 11 problem solving

WALT: multiply fractions and whole numbers
 Our tasks is to multiply fraction and whole numbers.We used  halving, fraction,
 and time table. In a fraction there is a whole, denominator and numerator. Have
 a look.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Kiu and ugauga

                                              WALT: retell the story again in our own words
Kiu was the beautiful bird in Niue .Kiu was boasted .Poor Ugauga was heavy and dull.
Ugauga ticked kiu and went off on the race without him. Ugauga won the race and beat kiu.
Ugauga was happy.