Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hoilday highlight

write a recount about my school holiday using effective paragraphs.
During the school holidays Me and my family went to visit my aunty Rosa at middlemore hospital.

When we arrived there it was midnight. It was freezing walking to the door to enter the room.We were happy to see her,while my sister and lana were having fun on the phone the adult were having a little chitty chat. We eat some treat that we get from our pastor.

Every Thursday and Wednesday we would all come to church to pray so that Rosa will be heal each day. We would sing and hold each other hand until it is around seven to eight o’ clock. The next day we would go and visit her and check how she is feeling. She feel tired a lot because there are lot of visit coming to see her.   

I love my holiday !! Did you? What was the best part of your holiday? I’m lucky to see her at home safe now with her family .

Problem sovling week 2 Term 3

WALT: add and subtract decimals
Our task is to add and  subtract decimals. When we are adding we have to add
the holes fisrt. For example  0.25 - 0.17= ? First you take the holes away than the
less than number.

Mice for sale

WALT: Retell and sequence the story
When mice are born they have no fur. They are quiet and fast and 
they are hard to find when there small. Week later there fur start to grow.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Week 1 Term 3 Math teacher lesson

Our task for this week is to add and subtract decimals.We started off with a
small decimals to a big decimal. In a decimal there is a hundredth, tenth and
thousandth. We add the wholes then the decimal witch can be called less then

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Problem solving week 1 Team 3

WALT: add and subtract decimals
Our task is to add and subtract decimals. For example Yvonne has walk 5.2
kilometre. Venetia had walk 9.4 kilometre. How many more then Venetia walk
then Yvonne?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Mohua the kiwi

WALT: Use relevant parts of the text to help us accurately answer the question
Mohua is a kiwi animal that his break it beak. The staff at willow bank wildlife
reserve has been looking after seen she has break he beak.She was a fussy eater
Her beak grow and grow just like a nail. The staff hope that Mohua and Saxon
will produce Kiwi chicks.If this happens, they'll be the only pair of great spotted
kiwi to breed in captivity.

Simile about my family

WALT use similes to write a poem about my family
Three people I have described in My family

Math teacher lesson week 11

You can find our maths teacher lesson here
Walt: Add and subtract fractions

Our tasks is to add and subtract fractions. We also learnt = < >. The equal sign is if the fraction is equal
and the wide mouth mean that the fraction is small or bigger then. If the two fraction have the same number
for example 13/4 - 5/4 = The answer will be 8/4 because the bottom number will stay the same if they are the same.