Monday, 30 May 2016

Mixture of problem

Last week I was learning about Mixture of problems. For example Miss Berry
has a loille jar which has 502 lollies in it. If Miss berry gives out 217 lollies to her
student, how many lollies would see have left in the jar? A way I would do this is
 502 - 200 = 302. then 302 - 10 = 292. Then 292 - 7 = 285 .By solving this
problem I used partitioning . How would you solve this question?

Friday, 27 May 2016

Wool and nail art

We are in our rotation are right now we are working with Mr wiseman in the wood and nail art.

Wool & Nail art, the year 7's and 8's are focusing on art this term. We rotate around trying other different activity, today Rm 4 has been working with wool and nail art.

How we did this - We used a paper that looked like a star in the middle of our wood. We used 11 nails and a hammer,we nailed down the edges and from then onward we had difficult problems making our shapes.As you see it we have made a star shape with a hexagon in the middle 

Monday, 23 May 2016


This week I have been learning about Algebra. Here is an example about
Algebra. 12x - 55=? The x will represent 15. So that mean 12 x 15= 110 .
Then 110 - 55= ? which will equal 55. That is an example of Algebra.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Who are the Moriori

What I have been learning this week is about Moriori. Back then People thought
Moriori is lazy, stupid people, people with flat nose and with very dark skin, but
we now know that all that won't true. Check my presentation for more information.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Thinkboard Master

This week what I have been learning about is my think board. A strategy that I
use was partitioning another way you can solve it is Algorithm. Here is a question
that I will let you solve. 11 x - 90 = ? The x mean 15 .

Monday, 16 May 2016

Kahu and Hokioi

Last week I was reading a book about Kahu and Hokioi. Kahu is a bird that
like t hunt big and small birds, Hokioi is a big and strong birds. Hokioi looks
fierce and dangerous. One day Kahu wanted to go and catch Hokioi so he could
eat him went Hokioi move just on time and he saw Kahu. Hokioi was thinking if he
would like to eat him but he didn't. Hokioi said to Kahu that he couldn't fly as high as
the Matata, which is a small bird that mostly lives on the ground and can't fly well.
kahu accept the challenge and off they went. Hokioi was flying higher then Kahu.
kahu saw a mice running away from a fire and Kahu thought he should go and catch
and eat it for dinner for him and has kids. What Hokioi didn't know was that Kahu
wasn't flying with him.

Venn Diagram

This is a Venn Diagram that I made about these two story. In the middle side mean the
story has something that is the same. On the two side it is telling you about some of
the story and some meaning to it.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The year 7 three days of fun

Last term while the year 8 were having fun on camp the year 7 had there three days of fun all to ourselves. One the first day of our day we worked on our chromebook for 20 min and then watched a movie called Boy 2 Man. It was a relaxing time for us to enjoy. The year eight ledder who stayed behind handed out camuel pop corn. It was about a boy called malaga was run away from his Dad. He was 8 years of age. He hid from his dad in the street when a boy called Johno find him. He said what are you doing at in the cold. Malaga said he run away from his dad. Johno said he run away from his family along time ago and I’ve have been living in the street. Johno said that he would take care of Malaga. Malaga was a bite young then Johno by 5 years. They grow in the street up tell there were 15 years old they were still walking around the street. As year go on Malaga was with a family and Johno had a group of man in a gang. Malaga was going to a new college called James cook high school. Malaga was part of a dream class at the high school. He was the best dancer at of all of the student and they were preparing to compete other student from other college. On that day Johno also needed him but he wouldn’t let his dance crew down. So he went to the dancing competition and started dancing when in the middle of the dance competition one of the member from Johno crew called, if you don’t come your friend Johno will die, so Malaga run to his car and drove to the place he wanted him.  He arrived there and Johno and the other member was fighting when the  grab his screwdriver and run up to Johno to stab him but Malaga pushed Johno out of the way and Malaga get stab. He fell to the ground and he died. Johno was so sad, the next day they done a funeral for malaga. They said there goodbye.

On the second day we started making our flower layer. We were in group of four. We use lots of flower and pins.  Each rows had 5 in each. We were the first group to finish our flower layer. Once our group finish we help the other group with their flower. Some group couldn't finish there ones because they were out of pins so they had to cut the end of their layer.

One the third day of the fun week we made flowers to put around the pole for our year 8 to welcome them back from there three days of camp.  While we were finishing putting up some more flower layer on the pole the year 7 and the year 8 leaders watch some makalani movie from 2015. The table were already set in a line with pears on top. While we were watching the pastry mince and cheese were warming down. There were also coke for us. We were having a day off from work. After watching the movie miss muliaumasealii told us to go for a run before we would go and eat our delicious food. When we came back we sit in the street and started eating our food. It was delicious!!

At the end of the day Miss muliaumasealii give out prizes to the year eight ledder and the year 7s and also the management group. The management group was the one who prepared all of the food and the flowers for the year 8.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion assembly

Welcome back to you all to school!! On the first day back at school the whole school gather to the hall for our Immersion assembly. Immersion assembly are always hold when it is the beginning of the term and Mr Burt get's to welcome us back from the holidays. This term the topic is  about " as i see it " which is base on art. There will be lots of art going on around the school.

Team one is all about there favourite thing like chocolate, puppy and all does lovely things. Team 2 is learning about seasons. What is the seasons today? Team 3 is learning about Grand design and architecture. Team 4 four is learning about comic art. They are going to make thing into super hero design.

Team 5 are learning about the waka. During the Immersion Assembly term 5 had a waka race. The waka's are Hokule'a , Te aurere, Hikianalia and Hinemoana. Each waka has a meaning to it. Hokule'a meaning is the Earth and it's ancestors, Hikianalia meaning is the star, Hinemoana meaning is the ocean and Te aurere meaning is about the blood,sweat and the tears. This is what it guide the waka. The waka race begin the waka were ready and off they went. It was a race that was messy. Hokule'a the green team who in the lead and Hinemoana was chasing behind, but it was to late and Hokule'a won which was my team. Miss sadler was racing in the yellow team Hikianalia, Miss berry was racing in the red team Te aurere, Mrs Garden was racing in the green team Hokule'a and Mrs Tele'a was racing in the blue team Hinemoana.

My favourite part would be about the team 5 race. It was funny and messy and the green team won. Are you happy to be back at school?